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I've got my little 500ish point team of ankle-biting gnomes painted up and looking passable, and I've gotten a pair of games in against my opponent, playing Crusaders. We're still sort of testing the waters so there's nothing too elaborate in our lists.


I bring


Kurand with Familiar

2x Tunnel Knights

2x Pinners

1x Pulger




Bata, Lancer Captain

Bloodstone Champion

2x Beetle Riders


against her


Duke Gerrard

4x Unforgiven (I think that's what they are)


Lord Ironraven

3x Unforgiven (Again, I think that's what they are...whatever came in the old Crusader/Undead starter)


Game 1 ended with just 2 Crusaders left standing and the gnomes completely tabled after Gerrard came and beat up Kurand over his lunch money. I managed to keep away from him for a few turns and poisoned most of his troops off, but it didn't work very well against the Duke himself. We didn't use any Warlord benefits or faction doctrines since it was our first game, which probably helped make things a little easier. I don't think I put a single wound on Gerard this game, but Kurand made 3 tough rolls before dying, so that was pretty cool.


We added the Warlord benefits for game 2, and instead of just spamming Toxic Cloud every turn I tried to use some of those Earth Tome walls to block off areas and tried to do some nifty maneuvers with Kurand's Beckoning Call, but it didn't work out quite as well as I'd have liked, and the Crusaders had probably 40 percent of their forces still ready to slice and dice at the end. I damn near took out Gerard with a blitz from the beetle cavalry, but all in all a much greater defeat than game 1 for my guys.


I think next time we're going to add Faction Doctrines to the game, and maybe step the points up a little. Both games have been quite a bit of fun, and a welcome change of pace from the cutthroat world of Warhammer and HordesMachine. The whole card drawing mechanic for initiative is interesting and makes it much more difficult to predict how the next turn will play out. I'm still trying to get the hang of when to cast which spell, since I don't want to just use Kurand to spend the entire game casting Toxic Cloud, so I'm looking forward to the next game, and trying out some new spells.

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Hi! Sounds like you two are having a blast. I remember my first games of Warlord, and it brought a smile to my face to hear of your first steps into the game. Your experience sounds pretty similar to mine, except we didn't begin with the big nasty Warlords. My first game was Freya Fangbreaker and a half-dozen or so Warriors against Andras and a handful of Overlord Warriors. Good times :)


re: Kurand and spells: You'll find that Toxic Cloud isn't actually so good that it'll be the only spell you'll want to cast. One of the coolest ways that spells work now is that they are the best way to inflict negative Model States. Poison is a model state, so you've already discovered a piece of how awesome that is. And I don't mean to say that Toxic Cloud is a bad spell. But Kurand has so many more tricks in his bag. Consider Earthquake or Hold or Beguile. Both of these can really mess with your opponent's ability to do what he wants and can help swing the tides of battle in your favor. Rot is a great spell to cast on a pile of enemies just before your own models go charging in because Disable will prevent them from taking as many defensive strikes. Incite is a great spell to use on your own troopers if you want to charge something far away. And lastly, one of my favorite spells is Mire. It's only single-target, but it costs 0 spell points and Stuns an enemy model. I like to use Mire on either something big and nasty before I use other models to attack it so that it can't crush them on defensive strikes, or else I like to use Mire on whatever an important model of mine is about to attack so that I don't risk getting my big important model damaged by defensive strikes.


I think you're uncovering one of the great parts of Warlord: the game is dead simple to pick up, but when you begin using all of the faction abilities and diving into the different spells that are available, you can come up with some really awesome combinations.

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Yeah, so far since we're both playing pretty casual there's not the arms race to make teh br0k3n lists and more of a focus on painting up figures I think are cool.


As far as Kurand's spells go, I think I need to sit down and read just what each status effect does, since he doesn't seem to be a blaster mage and Toxic Cloud doesn't seem to work well against anything except damaged peons.

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Very good observation about Kurand not being a blaster mage. Typically the Fire and Ice tomes are the more offensive ones, and all of the other tomes are more manipulative and so forth - Restoration with healing things, or Earth with slowing down the enemy's ability to do what they want, and some of the others just weaken enemies or do movement tricks. In my opinion, Mages are what brings this game from mediocre to great. The combat mechanic is dead simple but elegant, and I really like it, but the balance is so tight that you rarely get a big advantage over an opponent. But with magic, you can really affect the battle in big ways and a cunning player can use it to get a big advantage.


Speaking of the tight balance, it's a huge advantage for the game. I like that you can pick the models you find cool, instead of having to scour the stats for the broken models and feel forced to take them if you want to have a viable army. Case in point, if I play a Dwarf it usually has a shield. I just like to play up the defensive aspect. But other Dwarf players really enjoy the Berserkers and the really offensive aspect of the faction. Both work very well.

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