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Airborne swiftattack

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I was just wondering about supporting swiftattackers from above. These flyers are not placed in b2b.




1. 3 flying swiftattackers zapps the same dude .. support?

2. A single flying swiftattacker vs a completely surrounded dude?


Support all over or what?

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The answer to #2 is that has to be room for the models base to "land" so if the defending model is surrounded you can not swiftattack him from the air or the ground.

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I believe that might be incorrect.


Quote from the SA description of Swift attack.

" A Flying model with Swift Attack may swoop down and make this single attack against a ground model without needing to land, and then continue either flying away (if it chooses not to land or doesn’t have the room to land) or running away on the ground."


According to that, the model making the swift attack does not require the room to land in order to carry out the attack.


I do believe I read somewhere, that specifically for ReaperCon, the rules had been slightly altered so flyers with the SA would need room to land in order to use swiftattack.


Kind regards



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Unfortunately, you are incorrect, at least until, I can convince the powers that be to add into the actual errata. At this time the answer to both is yes.


That is one of those things, that as one of the designers, I wish we had read a few more times before it went to print. For the RHQ locals, we have house ruled it for a while now the way that Kris suggested. So, I guess it is up to you and your group currently to either house rule it or place a limit on the number of flying swift attackers you can field in an army.

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