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Obligatory Thank you & When's the Painting Pics comming, post.


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What a great year of ReaperCon! Thanks to all the Reaper staff and fans for making this Con the best ever. Can't wait till next year's Con. Maybe the theme can be... Mayonnase?


Many thanks (not ordered):

To the crew from Frontline Games for sharing their games with us.

To the RotD team for keeping the interest alive. (Now let's see a book in print lil' playas!)

To High Noon in Denton for channelling my inner Canadian Mounty. (ME: "Alright, ay, looks like I'm 38 cm for him." GM:"Range is in inches." ME: "I'm Canadian, we don't do that inch stuff, ay.")

To Tomb Raiders and those dressing the part.

To Sonic (Big Up Ya'self!)

To the Reaper staff that gave up "play" for "work" to feed our needs.

To the Painters and the Painting Contest. (We're all too sexy for our shirts...well, on second thought)

To God/Chaos/Happenstance/Dumb-Luck (whatever you ascribe) for helping avoid major injuries (as far as I could tell).


See ya'll next year.

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Almost forgot Speed Painting! This was the most entertaining fit of nervous breakdown I've ever had twice in a row. Thank you guys for the fun.


Welcome :) Hopefully I will be able to have more than 5 sessions put together at the last minute next year ;)

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Thank you everyone for a great time!! In particular:

Thank you ReaperBryan for the awesome tour, and naked ogre and for being so welcoming!

Thank you Anne, Laszlo, Sue, Jen K, and Erin for the critiques and advice, much appreciated!!

Thank you Anne, Derek, Jason Wiebe, John Bonnot, Wayne Reynolds, and Michael Genet for sharing your knowledge and teaching awesome classes! Very cool stuff!

Thank you to all the people I was painting with, you guys & gals are awesome and made the convention a ton of fun! I'm highly jealous of people who are close enough to each other to have these 'paint club get-togethers'! Greg, I'll see you at Gamers Realm! Darren (paint monkey apprentice!), much thanks for the help winning the Warlord crusaders box, that was totally hammy of you!

Thanks everyone at Reaper for being such awesome hosts and holding such a cool event!

I feel very lucky to have met all of you, and I hope everyone will be there again next year! Till we meet again! ::):

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I too would like to Thank everyone for a great show it was my first time down to Texas. I would like to especially thank the young lady running the metal trade on Friday she was super nice and helpful, also reaperbryan for showing us around the factory and being so polite to answer my every question I bothered him with. I agree with Anne I wish I had a painting club close to home. I would like to throw out a special Thank you to both Derek Shubert and John Bonnet for your classes I got to take during the weekend. I really enjoyed both and learned a great deal from both of you. John your "How not to suck" class was entertaining and very informational I only wish I had more time to paint while I was there and get your feedback before I had to leave. Hopefully I will get my camera to take better photos so I can email you with results from your tips. Derek's class on faces and eyes was amazing and getting to watch you paint your faces was a real treat. If I can make it out next year I hope I will have more time to meet and talk to people, I was only able to make it for friday and saturday and feel like I didn't have enough time. Thank you everyone.

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