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HD Paint set Case Question

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What's a ballpark price for this?


As I will have to make custom trays a bit different than the ones I make for Reaper, I'll charge $12 for a custom tray between 1" and 2". A bit higher than I would like, but the same price as a standard size tray I normally make. No I don't charge for layout and design work, that's included in the price.


One other thing to remember about this case, there is only about 3" of room in the case total. That includes basing material, topper, etc. Figure you can get one 2" tray or a 1" and a 1.5" in the case.


Bryan Wade

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If you look close at the paint sets, the picture of the back of each case shows which colors are included. Hard to read, but it's on there. It looks like 29801-29818 and 29837 are in set #1, 29819-29836 and 29838 in #2.

Thanks us old blind guys on tiny computer screens sometimes have trouble reading whats right infront of our noses.

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not to mention there is a free paint in each as well. I'm not sure if this a existing paint or HD paint made just for these sets.


Neat sets, heck beats my method of travel paint storage............2 ziplock bags with paint bottles inside :huh:

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