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Assault on new memphis?

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If those figures are to be released, I wouldn't have thought they'd be particularly quickly because the main races and UCOR's need to be released first and they'd be a very minor race.... in fact I'm not sure if they even exist as a society.... we hit them pretty hard at Origins 2002.
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I can't imagine that they ever would produce something like that in the next several years... what they WOULD do instead is what they did at Origins 2002.




They did not have Tsuisekis or Kikyus and used A-10s and other historical models and hacked them and made the new craft.


Same with the AICOM figs.  DHA already has everything at the proper scale, instead of paying sculptors to create a bunch of minis they already have, why not just use them?  There are several egyptian-style DHA figs available, even if they were out-of-print and had to reintroduce them they could probably do that.

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