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Pirate Mousling


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This is my entry in the Open category at Reapercon '11, and my 17th mini I have ever painted (i might have time to paint about 3 or 5 minis a year lol). I received a bronze medal for him.


When Mice ruled the Seven Cheese


The Reaper Mouseling set was given as a gift from my fiancé. She loves pirates, and in thanks and love, I chose to paint Flynn the Pirate Mouseling for her. What began as a simple paint job, soon turned into a beast I could not control, for wanting to make it perfect for her. The base was cut off the pirate, with care to preserve his tiny peg leg. The treasure chest is a Reaper cast. The blue “bottle” is the mace head from a Nefsokar Chosen. The piece of ornate treasure in the sand is the top of a staff from a Nefsokar cleric. The skull in the sand is from top of a standard, also Nefsokar. The sand, bag, and snake are all sculpted with green stuff. The gold nuggets coming out of the bag are seeds from my spice cabinet, and the clear, red, and blue “gems” scattered across the piece are sugar crystals. My favorite part of the mini has to be the “mouseling skull and crossbones” on the eye patch.


Comments and suggestion are always welcome. The brown spot on his eye I didn't see till I was finished with him and the camera pointed it out to me.








If you want to see larger images of him check here


I also received a bronze for Olivia (paint category and mini #15 for me) and my mini warjack (ordinance category and somewhere below #14 for me (gotta get my photos off flickr)). I believe I shared both on these boards before, many moons ago.

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Fantastic Job and Congratulations! Nicely put together piece with a lot of thought put into it. It is funny how a small project can turn into a large project with just one addition or thought. It just seems to steam roll from their. Keep up the good work.

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