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Paint Challenge!


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I challenge everyone to a Memorial Day Weekend paint off! For those of you not in the US, this is the immediate weekend of May 27-30.


This is a casual challenge, you are welcome to paint as much or little as you like, but I encourage folks to set a goal for the 4 day weekend.


On my list:


2484 mummy lord

3547 female wizard

3554 mermaid

60052 merchant princess

from the mouslings box: knight and archer

Eureka teddy bear pirates x6

RAFM 02838 cult leader


Please post pictures of what you get finished!

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4 day weekend!? In what fantasyland do you work in?


From what I am hearing this year a number of employers are making Friday either a company holiday or half day. Some of our local govt. offices are closing early too, for budgeting reasons.


And there's no reason you can't start Friday evening, even if you have to work during the day.

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I'll do at least one :) I have the Knight, Bard, and Rogue Mousling primed and ready to go already. I'll get a tleast one done. I've got my kids this weekend and a family function SUnday, so I won't have a ton of free time. I'll post a photo in this thread when it is completed. Now I just have to decide which I want to do more. I really like the Knight :D

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My goal is to actually find some time to paint.... Mom's currently in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery, sister will be here to visit her, gotta look into nursing/rehab facilities, do some serious house cleaning....



Watch Indy 500 from start to finish

Finish Cloak Fiend

Work on Skeletal Giant

Work on Undead Troll (Sampson)

Work on Purple Worm

Work on Blight Fang

Clean/Assemble ReaperCon Sophie

Finish converting Spider Demon



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Looking good! I also painted the mouseling knight yesterday, and finished the female wizard. I have two teddy bears and the mummy lord well under way today.

Thank you! Here is a shot in today's sunlight.


Citadel - Chainmail and Beastial Brown

Reaper Pro - Pine, Elderberry, and Golden Flesh

Folk Art - Gold Metallic


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