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Paint Challenge!


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Good work everyone, thanks for playing along.


I got:

2484 mummy lord -- done

3547 female wizard -- done

3554 mermaid -- not started

60052 merchant princess -- basecoat

from the mouslings box: knight and archer -- done and done

Eureka teddy bear pirates x6 -- completed 4

RAFM 02838 cult leader -- basecoat



mousling barbarian -- repainted (was a speed paint)

finished three partially painted figures, 50154 Nightslip and 3492 female elf that had been on my desk too long, and a Hasslefree homonculus that wasn't much work.


Now I have room for all the new figures I got at Reapercon. :lol:

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Alas I sucumbed to the call of the BBQ... I did get 2 crusaders relatively finished (still deciding on basing), from my new Warlord crusader army, and then got a bit caught up in cleaning the rest of them.. Was fun! ::):

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Thanks for the kind words. She's doing well, but I'm not sure she's feeling all that great. What was supposed to be a simple procedure triggered a "blue code event", that mandated emergency colon surgery, and she now has a colostomy bag.....


I'd knowingly planned an ambitious painting project, hoping to stay inspired to paint, which is what I'd have done all weekend if things stayed "normal" around here. Thing is, miniatures wait patiently, and paint doesn't spoil, so as soon as I get some free time, I'm picking up the paintbrush! The Purple Worm was a request by my DM. ;)



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