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Howdy Guys!


This dude was so much fun! You might have seen him at RC. I hadn't been planning on entering him, but I figured what the heck.


I'm still on my journey to learn NMM, but I think it's getting a little bit better with every try. I'd love to hear your comments, good is nice, but bad is what helps me to grow as a painter so don't be shy!




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After seeing it in person, I can honestly say that I loved this little dude! I think the NMM wax pretty spot on. I thought it read right. I like the fact that you used bright colors around the facial area. It worked for you! Overall, awesome job.

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I like the NMM on the curved strapping, particularly on the front. OTOH, I think the highlights on the flat strapping are too broad and not really placed correctly.


Specular highlights on flat surfaces will be the same across the surface unless the apparent size of the light source is small. In that case, the specular highlight will be a reflection of the light source. In this case, I suspect that you're not intending a true specular highlight (like from a chromed surface), so the hot spot will be both broader and softer, but I still don't think your highlights are the right size and place.


I'm seeing a highlight on the bottom of the raised rear corner that I don't understand. If there is a light source that is providing that reflection, it should also light other stuff on the bottom.


I like the wood grain on the top of the chest, but the wood grain on the back looks a bit green to me. (This might be intentional or the result of the photography, but I thought I'd mention it.) On looking again, it might be the red of the gums and eyes that changes the way that the wood reads on the top and front.


The teeth are nicely shaded, but might be a bit dirtier, especially toward their bases. (What you did isn't wrong; just something to perhaps consider.)


The highlights on the necklace(?) on the ground seem not well developed.


I think the eyes, tongue, and arms work very well.


Overall, it's got a great beat and you can dance to it*, so I give it an 81.




* You might be too young for that reference. If so, sorry. Well, I mean other than that if you're young enough to be too young for that reference, that would probably be a good thing, in which case, "Get off of my lawn!"

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Awesome painting!! The nmm looks great, I love the color choices, everything looks crisp! The only suggestion I can think of and then again it's negligible, maybe just a few bright white areas to make the tongue and teeth look wet, saliva-esque, but it's up to you, I think this came out amazing!!

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Well done, the plaque on the teeth and the woodgrain are my favorite parts and the NMM is really good.




I wouldn't of noticed this piece before, (to buy), but seeing yours finished- I'm buying it on my next trip to the FLGS.

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I remember seeing this when it was released, but can't seem to find it now. Currently browsing through 32 pages of "monster" as "Mocking Beast" doesn't get any matches....


Very well painted. Not actually criticism, but will sound odd, but this guy has an almost comic illustration feel to him. The colors are rich, bold, and precise. Gives him a certain presence.



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