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Haldir's Sword & Wizardy PBP


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Just curious, since the last few years I've played in Steve Page's S&W game at RCon (missed playin in that one!) & thought maybe a pbp was in order


Post here if you want in.




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Fantasy, possibly level 5 or 6, it won't be first level (unless the module calls for it but I'd like it to be a bit higher).


Also I'm thinking about using a older D&D module for the adventure, depending on how many people respond.

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Oh my...SO much work to do generating character. You ask a lot. I gotta scrounge up three d6 *grumble grumble* and an index card *grumble groan*....do ya know how hard it is to find index cards around here? And then there's the matter of all those charts and stuff. It's like...math...or something...and I'm just a giiiirrrrrrrrrlllllll. *goes faint at the very thought of descending AC*


Can I be a ..... (wait for it...waaaaaait for it)....... human? :rolleyes: I hear humans get to do cool things like...be humanitarian?

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human? What is a human?


hell, I should have found my TofEE module first before saying I'd use that ha ha.








Ok characters will be 1st level. Hmmm, I didn't think they started off at 1st in that adventure, but more or less we will run through T1 Village of Hommlet first then the Temple part.

Also roll 4d6 & remove the lowest die for stats. Max gold starting. Also max hps as well.


Also Spike, can you send me your house rules for half-orcs? As I'll let them buggers in as player characters.


Other then that normal S&W rules for character creation.



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I've not had much luck finding Pooky's half-orc template, but IIRC it was pretty informal. They got infravision like dwarves, progressed by the same chart as fighters, got an XP bonus for prime requisite STR, and I think there may have been an initial minus to INT and CHA. Nothing about being half-orc was terribly advantageous or detrimental,...aside from the half-orcishness itself. (You can do most things just as well, and a slim few things slightly better, but first you have to get past the jackass in the Dockers and Polo shirt who won't let you on the golf course.)


Here's a blog post by some other dude who likes halforcs and has some common-sense character guidelines that seem to fit the spirit of S&W quite well. >> http://dndborderland...-orc-class.html


Lemme know what you think, and I'll dice her up tomorrow.


PS think this over...half-orc thief-wannabe. I made her two years ago for a Labyrinth Lord thieves'-guild type game set in the "City Stake of the Unvisible Ogre-Lord" (City-state of the Invincible Overlord) setting. I'll dig around in the charsheet reliquary tomorrow and see if she turns up.

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It's funny I downloaded the newest printing off of rpgnow.com or drivethru.com hell I can't remember & inside it has the thief as a class now. :rock:


I think I'm gonna go get the pdf printed at Staples later this week. I did a online test it'll cost me about 19.00 bucks to get a softcover with a spiral binding printed up. If I hit ReaperCon 12 next year seriously thinking about running a S&W game sometime over the weekend. :B):


thanks for the links Spike. I was also thinking about what you said about the half-orc, maybe a give a option of -2 to either Cha or Int, but offset that with a +2 to Str or Con. I'm not sure. Also in the version I have (May 11 printing) they treat non-humans as multi-class characters. Here is the page discussing this:



A Quick Historical Note

The rules of the Original Game are exceedingly unclear about the details of how some multi-classing operates. Swords & Wizardry treats each multi-class in the same basic fashion, which is certainly not the only possible interpretation of the Original Game rules.



Multi-Classed Characters


Dwarfs and Elves may have more than one class at a time, called “multi-classing.” Each race has certain allowed combinations for player characters. Halfling and Human characters may have only a single class. Multiple classes are written with a slash as a separator, as are multiple levels. For instance, a dwarf Fighter/Thief may be level 6/7 (listing the Fighter level and then the Thief level).


Humans cannot be true multi-class characters, but can still be dual-class characters. See the earlier sidebar, “Dual-Classed Human Characters,” for details.



Hit Dice

Multi-class characters begin with a single hit die. Each multi-class hit die is calculated by rolling the appropriate die for each class and averaging the result. A multi-classed character is limited to a total of 9 hit dice no matter what combination of classes is used. After reaching 9 HD, the character gains only 1 hit point per additional level.


Abilities and Limitations

The multi-classed character acts with the abilities of both (or all three) classes at one time, and is also subject to the limitations of each class at once. Therefore, although a Fighter/Thief can choose to wear armor of any kind, the character cannot use thief skills while wearing any armor heavier than leather. In addition, an Elf cannot cast spells while wearing non-magical armor, although magical armor does not inhibit spell casting (that’s for Elves only, by the way).


Saving Throws

The saving throw of a multi-classed character is the best available one from the character’s multiple character classes.


Experience Points

Any experience points received are divided evenly among all the classes of a multi-classed character, even when the character can no longer advance in one or more classes (in which case, those XP are simply lost). You still need to keep track, though, because it may be important for when you gain more hit dice (see below). Multi-classed characters do not receive bonuses to experience points, regardless of their Attribute scores.


Level Advancement

The abilities of a class are gained as soon as a new level is achieved in that class, but a new hit die is not gained until the character has advanced a level in all classes. In other words, a

dwarven Fighter/Thief would not gain a “Thief” hit die at level 1/2; instead, the character would receive a second multi-class hit die (the averaged result of the roll of a d8 and a d4) after reaching second level as a Fighter also.


If a multi-classed character reaches the point where one class is "capped," and the character cannot advance in that class any more, the character still only gains a new hit die when both (or all three) levels would have been reached. For example, an elven Fighter/Magic-User reaches 4th-level Fighter and 4th-level Magic-User with 10,000 XP, when the Magic-User experience reaches 5th level. Now the player rolls a new hit die, rolling a d8 and a d4 and taking the average of the result. When the character later reaches 16,000 XP, normally that would mean gaining a level as a Fighter. However, since an Elf is capped at 4th level as a Fighter, there is no result. When the Elf reaches 20,000 XP and becomes a 5th-level magic-user, the new hit die is rolled. (It is still an average of rolling a d8 and a d4.) For the sake of example, if somehow the Elf had lost XP in the Fighter class, reaching 10,000 XP in the Magic-User class (4th level) without first reaching 8,000 XP (4th level) as a Fighter, then

the Elf would not gain an additional hit die until reaching 8,000 XP as a Fighter. This situation is not likely to arise.




Thou I think half-orc will be treated like halflings & just have 1 class. When you think of half-orcs you think of brute strength, hard to kill, not bright, ie fighters ::P:



Also this open call for players will stay open till we get enough players to play. I'm thinking 4 or 5 will do it.

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LOL or I could base a halforc on Zdeno Chara!


I'll get going on that character sheet after the game. Basically the character I'm imagining is a typical halforc street thug who is aspiring to be a thief, even though she usually ends up being the one who stands watch while the others clean out the loot. Good STR, reasonable WIS and CON, decent DEX, enough INT to keep her from chasing her own tail (even if she is gullible enough to believe the other guys when they told her she had a tail), and CHA to wreck a train.


But first....HOCKEY!




Grabbed my own free download...and the Bruins only scored ONCE while I was downloading. Thank goodness for highspeed DSL

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*sigh* Couldnt' sleep after all the excitement..so...here she is, submitted for your approval.

Name Chara (Yes, it's a girl's name)
Race Half-orc
Class Fighter
Level 2
XP 2.000
XP bonus 10%
Saving Throw 13
HP 18* (10)
Hit Dice 2 (1d8+1/level)
___Club 1d4 10 lbs
___Dagger (2) 1d4 4 lbs
___Sword, Bastard 1d8 10 lbs
AC 5*
___Armor, Ring -3 40 lbs

STR 15 (17) +2 to hit, +2 damage, 1-4 open doors, +30 incumbrence 5% XP bonus
INT 12 (10) 2 max additional languages
WIS 14 5% XP bonus
CON 14 +1 HP per hit-die, 100% raise-dead survival
DEX 13 +1 to hit w/ missiles, -1 to AC
CHA 7 3 max hirelings

Backpack 5 gp
Bedroll 2 sp
Canvas (sq yd) 1 sp
Chalk (3) 15 cp
Crowbar 2 sp
Flint & Steel 1 gp
Grappling hook 1 gp
Hammer 5 sp
Lantern, Hooded 7 gp
Oil, Lamp (1 pt) 1 sp
Pot, Iron 5 sp
Rope, Silk (50') 10 gp
Sack, 30 lb (2) 4 gp
Shovel 2 gp
Spike, Iron (10) 5 sp
Tent 10 gp
Torch (7) 7 cp
Holy Water (4) 50 gp
Dagger (2) 4 gp
Sword, Bastard 20 gp
Armor, Ring 30 gp
Riding Horse (Winnie)

Total incumbrence 65.5 lbs
Base Movement 12

{* - all attribute bonii already figured in }

The Potter #17

His youngest son is willing to go; Pottery isn't all its cracked up to be.
Samson "Sam"
AC 8 (padded armor)
Level 0,
hp 4, 2,
#AT 1
D 1-6 (spear) or 1-4 (light crossbow, ranges 6 "/12 "/18")

Body Guard

HP: 9
Ring -3 to AC
Battle Ax 1d8 damage
and is rather a bit TOO happy to carry Chara's gear
Weight is 50pounds
Speed 12


.87 gp..5 sp..8 cp..(10.0 lbs) original funds
-05 gp..............(...5 lbs) donation to church

-50 gp..............(.5.0 lbs) 4 flasks of holy water
-30 gp..............(.3.0 lbs) given to Isha to get supplies in town

-02 gp..............(.0.2 lbs) dinner, breakfast and 3 meads (all plain) plus tip.
00 gp..5 sp..8 cp..(01.3 lbs)

Edited by Spike
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I didn't watch the game but damn that score waaaasss ugly. Hopefully Vanc turns it around the next game. They've had way to many let jump out to a lead & then get tied & fight late into the series games this season.



Looks good. Also you have a riding horse but it's down to it's last legs & such.


I noticed in the rules that they allow the halfling to either follow the fighter or thief class. I'm thinking about doing that with the half-orc as well. While they might not be a "iconic" thief it fits them.


Also this is for anyone. I'm also looking into adding the druid to the classes you can be as a religion called the Old Faith/druidism is pretty prominent in the starting village & factors into the adventure as well.


Just deciding whether I want to try & make it up myself or use a website I found that has it.



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Cool..a horsey :)


She bought him from a man named Barry Getman who is a reputed horse-thief. The horse's name is (or so she was told) Winnie.


And thanks for the multiclass consideration. I may get her a level of thief at 3rd. At this point, she's just an ambitious hooligan.

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