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Haldir's Sword & Wizardy PBP


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Oh come on mages were so useful back in the day..................... :blink:


Update: Ana has sent me her character & she'll be inserted into the game when the time comes.....

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LOL Haldir I'm imagining insertion like when spec ops guys are inserted into some jungle to do some wet-work on some warlord or other... you know... parachute in..parachute out...



Can't wait for you to join in, Ana.

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No worries, I wanna say it'll be a bit before you enter the game but I might be mistaken......


OK XP (hey first time in a PbP I've given out xp)


EACH PERSON gets a base xp of


243 (includes Bodyguard & Sam as well. Bod is a 2nd level fighter with enough xp for halfway between 2 & 3rd & Sam is a 0 level character. If he has enough to hit level 1, go ahead & give him a class)


Amount doesn't take in effect any % for high stats.




(amongst the rewards, the giant snake was worth 500+ xp ha ha. Also I gave half of what the treasure was worth as xp. I've never liked the treasure as xp but I'm gonna compromise & give out half of what you guys find in xp)


Now off to prime a dragon........... :B):

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