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Hey guys & gals


Sorry for the delay on this one. This is my first time in awhile reading this post. I've been up to my neck in Rcon prep & about the only part of the site I've been checking is the rcon forum right now.


I'd had to hope to get a rretro - advance post by now but it appears that posting after Rcon would probably be for the best. I'm currently prepping 8 (7) games to be run over the course of the weekend. Actually looking forward to the challenge ::):


Hardest part so far is getting everything painted. If I can get everything to pre-painted state I'll be very happy. It's funny I didn't think the mouselings would take as long as they have. Thou I'm not the fastest painter + being such a procastonator that I am hasn't helped....


In the end thou this is not dead by a longshot. If I can get that post in before I leave (I head for Boise on Tuesday the 22nd) I will.


Thanks for sticking around, I appreciate it.

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All righty! Con prep is over & done as is the con itself, back to normal. I was gonna get a restart post up by Friday but thanks to the boss not reading my vacation request right I have a extra day off again this year & have tonight off. I was suppose to go back tonight.


While prepping for rcon I came up with a way that magic users don't have to cast then sit back till combat is over. I'll let everyone know tomorrow as well.


Anyways I'll have the post up tomorrow!

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Amazing how life comes at you all of a sudden. I was gonna have the post up Weds but my wife came home early (has to burn vacation hours or lose them) so I ended up working in the yard with her. Totally spaced off Thursday, thou I think returning to work had something to do with that. So that brings us to today. Ended up sleeping till about 3 when I got home from work. Son came home from school & we threw the pigskin around a bit. Wife came home, trip to Walleye world. Etc etc....


I should have it up tomorrow morning. I get home at 6, but I'm not sleeping due to I have to take my son to Home Depot for Kid's Workshop so I'll have some time in the morning.


Sorry about this & yah I had a great time. Always great to see old friends & meet new ones as well. Wish I could have me ShadowRaven thou. Heck maybe I did & didn't know it. No names (handles) on the badges this year. ::(:

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