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Haldir's Sword & Wizardy PBP


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Well the level up (3000) is my way of saying "hey if I'd had gotten off my hind end after ReaperCon this year you'd prob would have level up anyways."


Ok, I'll try & get a reply up tomorrow (nothing that'll require any rules so if you haven't fully leveled up yet, no worries. If not tomorrow then Monday for sure.

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Wow..level up?  Sorry to have been AWOL, but I think I fell into a volcano. :D

Anyway, I'll get on that tomorrow when I get back from running around the ATL.  It's been so long since I've leveled anything up I have to get the book out and reread the rules.

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Too much going on here right now, sorry.  I am working the local con, which starts tomorrow, trying to pack for a two week tour of Europe which starts next week, and trying to pack my kitchen for a remodel that begins the day we get home.  


Greetings to the new guy. Please bear with us, we are incredibly slow paced.

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Right, then.



Name: Isha

Race: Human, female

Class: monk

Level:  3

XP: 1,500  4800

XP bonus: 10%

Saving Throw: 13 12

HP: 9 14

Hit Dice: 2 (1d6/level) 3d6 -1


___Staff 1d6 +1

___Sling 1d4 +1


AC: 9 7

Armor: none


STR: 12 1-2 open doors, +5 encumbrance

INT: 11 2 max additional languages

WIS: 15 10% XP bonus

CON: 12 75% raise-dead survival

DEX: 16 +1 to hit, +1 AC

CHA: 11

Gold (from 180 gp) kept 20 for expenses (after purchases), gave the rest to the poor






Flint & Steel

Holy symbol, wooden


Musical Instrument (flute)

1 Oil

6 Rations, Trail

Waterskin .1gp



Isha is a slim, dusky skinned young woman wearing a simple wrapped garment, her dark hair bound into a long braid. She tells you that as part of her ordainment into her order she must spend a year traveling the land, learning about the world, and living by her wits alone. She carries a staff, a light pack, and wears a flute case at her hip.


open locks +20%

remove traps

listen 4/6

move silently +30%

hide +20%

climb 87%

move +1 

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Hey everyone.
I'm assuming I'm the "New Guy." :blush:


Here's what I came up with. (Got lucky, first roll was 17. Even though not in this set of rules as a prerequisite, I am nostalgic, so this Pally has 17 CHA).


Name: Wigmund (the Eunuch) [see story below]


Human Male Paladin

Level 3


Diety: Heironeous (Pending Haldir's input)

XP Bonus +10%

XP 4000


Appearance; Short (5'4"), slender, short cropped brown hair, high cheek-bones, and a curious lack of facial hair...not even stubble.

Grey surcoat with a fist holding a lightning bold on the chest.  Same design painted on his shield.



STR: 15   Doors 1-2, Carry +10 lbs, +5% Bonus XP (Class)

DEX: 13   +1 Missiles, -1 AC

CON: 13   +1 HP, 100% Raise Dead Survival

INT: 7       0 Additional Languages

WIS: 12    0% Bonus XP

CHA: 17   6 Special Hirelings, +5% Bonus XP (Attribute)



Hit Dice 3d8 +3

HP: 24 (8 Max, + 8 Roll, + 5 Roll, + 3).

Saving Throw: 10

AC: 1 (Plate Armor, Shield, Dex)

Longsword +0 to Hit, 1d8 DMG

Shortbow +1 to Hit, 1d6 DMG, Range 50ft indoors, ROF 2 per Round

20 Arrows

Dagger (Melee) +0 to Hit, 1d4 DMG

Dagger (Ranged) +1 to Hit, 1d4 DMG, Range 10ft indoors, ROF 1 per Round

Speed 9 (30 feet)



Plate Armor





20 arrows

Wooden Holy Symbol of Heironeous (Hand grasping a lightning bolt)


Water Skin


Flint and Steel

2 x Torch

Large Sack

Small Sack

2 x Trail Rations

2 x Dry Rations

Tuning Whistle (signal whistle, see below in story)

Combat Gear Weight: 98 lbs

Misc Gear Weight: 10 lbs

Overall Weight: 108 lbs


Wigmund had a fairly normal life as a child.  Coming from a farming family, he had no ambitions other than to grow up strong to help his father on the family's plot.  Unfortunately, at the age of 8, a freak accident involving a donkey and a plow left him castrated.  A hardy youth, he managed to survive that trauma physically, but not so well mentally; he began hearing a voice in his head.

    Life on the farm was not the same.  His father pushed him hard out of a buried sense of guilt, his mother babied him incessantly, giving him weekly baths and singing church hymns to him.  Despite the hard labor of the farm, his strength and physique did not mature as it should on account of his becoming a eunuch before puberty.  So, by the time he reached the age of sixteen, his father all but disowned him as a weakling unable to pull his own weight around the farm, but yet being another mouth to feed.  It was around this time the voice in his head grew stronger, urging Wigmund to leave home and head to the nearby city of Greyhawk.  The voice in his head now repeated the word "Sing" over and over.  He became a street performer, singing his favorite church hymns for those who would listen and living off the few coppers cast his way.  In this way, his singing improved.  He managed to get work at the local inns.  His singing became very popular on account of his voice, which was almost otherworldy in its quality: not manly, not womanly, and not childish: His angelic falsetto would bring the common rooms to tears.  When he reached the age of seventeen, he was hired onto an Operatic cast.

   As is the story with most Castrati, his singing won him acclaim and status in the Operatic community.  He landed a leading role in a production of The Pirate Princess and Sea Dragon, as the princess, of course.  During the performance of opening night, the voice in his head reached a fever pitch.  When the night's guests of honor, the leading clergy from the Church of Heironeous, sat down in the front row, his vision started to blur with stars, and his head throbbed.  In the middle of his solo he lost consciousness.  He awoke surrounded by knot of armored knights, the bodyguards of the Lord Marshall-General of Heironeous.  Sprawled on the flood of the front row was the smoking remnants of the First Coronel of Heironeous.  The knights ushered Wigmund away with the Lord Marshall-General to their Temple.  They informed him along the way that during his performance, he was lifted into the air by a white light of law, with a searing ray of light erupting from his mouth in a glorious cacophony, burning away the façade of the First Corporal, and banishing the demon of chaos who had infiltrated their ranks.

  Wigmund was admitted the ranks of Heironeous' Paladins.  He was given a Medal for his work in rooting out Chaos and for being a vessel of Heironeous' wrath on Oerth.  He trained until the age of twenty.  Unfortunately, his lack of childhood education limited his ability to grasp many of the intellectual studies at the church.  He began his adventuring career and spent the last two years in the pursuit of Law, Valor, and Justice.  Curiously, despite his apparent physical frailty (lack of testosterone) Heironeous has emboldened and strengthened him with divine might.  Due to his curious appearance, most men and women who cross paths with Wigmund can't quite figure out if they should be attracted to him or repulsed by him.  He is the picture of boyish innocence with a slender build and an effeminate voice.  This has served him well in his adventuring career, allowing him to talk or sing his way out of confrontations.  He carries a tuning whistle that he uses to prepare himself for particularly lengthy diplomatic singing.  In these two years, he has been called many things; Wigmund the Eunuch, the Chaste, the Virginal, the Virtuous, Un-seducible, and even the Unspoilt Maiden.

   As many of his fellow paladins are fond of doing, he tries to recite Heironeous' Scripture when making important points during diplomacy: Things like "As Analect Number 15 tells us, upholding the Law is its own reward."  Due to his imperfect intellect, he often fumbles these in battle, reverting to screams of "Heironeous!!!"



Hope you get the picture.


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