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Haldir's Sword & Wizardy PBP


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In the upper levels you guys opened the doors but didn't fight the following:


Giant tick in a ruined kitchen

giant lizard in a large room.




The party has taken out everything so far in the dungeon levels.

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After debating this one with myself (interesting conversation I must say). Gonna call this one. I don't think Spike is very active on the forum anymore. I talk to her all the time but I never bother her to post on the forum & such. I want to say thank to all the long time players. You guys & gals weathered the storm when I wasn't posting much. I also want to thank the new players as well, you answered my call for players when I ask. Hopefully down the road I'll decide to re-do anther classic D&D adventure using the Sword & Wizardry rules again but for now..............



...........I'm gonna do a 5th edition D&D game on here. I'm debating on running a game at RCon next year (if I go of course) using the 5th rules. I've never ran one & while I really want to play in Uber's & Mr Melons' games at RCon this year, it was the same time my game mode goes into shut down & my just sit outside with a cold adult beverage while being with friends button turns on. I'm actually gonna use a either a older TSR or Paizo adventure as my game.


Again I thank everyone that played. Seeyah on the boards!

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