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Empress Messalina, and Bathalian Exarch


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Hi! Here is my second entry from ReaperCon's paint contest. I entered this one into the Open category, and I'm very happy it won Silver! The base/space architecture I was hoping to show to Froggythegreat, (he's always very inspiring with his creations!) but ah well, here are my pictures ::): I shot everything outside this morning, hopefully the photos are ok, I apologize on two of the photos, I ran out of blue paper background. Comments and crits always appreciated!

















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Thanks everyone! The mystery base details revealed! It is all lucite/plexiglass. The central part is indeed a pencil/pen holder that I happened to come across and think hey... The bottom rectangle is 1/2" thick plexiglass frosted with sandpaper on top (to prevent it from looking scratched up and to help hide obvious glue spots), and painted on the bottom (like reverse glass painting) to look like a universe, and then I added adhesive black felt to the bottom, which helped to protect the paint and also to make it more stable since I pinned the rectangle base to the holder with a straight pin. The spheres/marbles are also plastic except for the center one which is glass (it just happened to work out), and I filled the pencil slots with different colored painted paper. The inside floor and wall are cut paper, which were also painted. The top deck is a plastic disc pinned to a base (also frosted with sandpaper and painted) from my 40k dark eldar fliers. Hmm and the darker spheres on the top are beads (an attempt to disguise pins).


Originally the deck on top was going to be a bit more elaborate and have a second tier from which the empress would sit, looking down on the Andromedan vizier (who didn't make it in time for the ship) and the floor inside was going to look down on an alien metropolis but time was against me, so maybe for the next aliens ::):

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Great photos too. I picked up the Queen in the byard this year (yeah for Thursday byard shopping!!) & kinda didn't have a clue about her feathers. Your pics are clear enough to show where, thanks!


Great paintjobs on both pieces. I really like the way the plates came out on the Bathewhachacallit :blink:



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