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30008 Jonas Kane, Undead Hunter & 2758 Stern Kestrelmann, Paladin


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I thought I would share a recent commission that had me switching the original sword of the Master Series, Jonas Kane, 30008 with the sword from Stern Kestrelmann, 2758. The customer also wanted long hair coming out of the hood of Jonas's Cloak.


Originally the customer wanted Stern Kestrelmann given long hair and painted in the scheme shown below on Jonas, but decided on Switching the swords and making the Jonas figure the commission Piece.


I later decided to give the customer a treat and add the long hair to Stern and attach Jonas's old sword. I was told do paint him up how I would like, so I decided to try my hand at speed painting (3 hours to complete from the primed stage). Due to that, There are many areas that did not blend as I would like, but as this was a for fun piece and table top at that, I did not want to spend a lot of time correcting issues.



C & C welcome










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Great work especially for three hours. I love the Jonas figure, inspires me to get mine assembled and painted. Did yours have any casting issues with the cloak?



Thanks Jim. This one did not have any major issues, just a few pits to fill and sand down. Suggestion: Leave the cloak portion off while you paint the rest of the mini (Leaving the area where it is to be attached unpainted), because I mounted it first and had a bear of a time getting in there under the cloak.

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