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Talisman / Warhammer Quest assortment


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Some may remember a few months ago I posted some other Talisman / Warhammer Quest minis here, and now I've completed a few more.


We have, from top to bottom, a Chaos Sorceror, an Astronomer, a Witch Elf and an Assassin. These come from either the Adventurer's box set or the Wizard's box set, put out in the late 1990's and early 2000's to supplement the line of figures for the Talisman 2nd edition game, or alternatively to use as figures for the Warhammer Quest game and it's supplemental expansions.


Lots of wide open areas to paint on these old figures which is a good excuse to fill it all in with freehand and detail. The base on the Astronomer is...well it looked better on paper. Supposed to be an old broken down contraption like a sundial or astro-clock thingy, but I didn't devote enough time to painting it to bring it up to par with the paintwork on the Astronomer himself.


Let's see, the Assassin is my favorite I'd have to say. I have a few more of these old minis that I've been working on and will post them next month, and most likely the month after that as well as I finish them, working them all in a big assembly line, finishing each as I find time.

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Chaos guy is cool, I like the fade effect on his robes. Fantastic work there


Love that Astronomer!


Also great work on that cloak corner for the assassin.


While the Witch Elf is great, that style GW had for those never thrilled me much. I love that halo glow effect on her hair thou. That is nice!

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Hey thanks guys, much obliged!


@Haldir: Yeah the hair on the witch elf, I ...that was alot of hair lol. I had to think of something to make it look decent. Took a ton of work, I'm glad you noticed. It was really tricky figuring out how to highlight something like that.


@Kanli: Thanks for commenting on the color choices, I spend a good deal of time deliberating on color before I paint, that's really important to me, balancing all the colors.

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The Astronomer is AMAZING!!! What did you use as a base, and how did you paint it? The whole thing is just awesome!


Freehand on all is amazing. I doubt I'll ever get that good, but it's nice to see something like this to inspire improvement. Colors are rich an vivid, and all those little details.... Wow!


Great job. Keep it up!



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Hey thanks you two


@Kannan Fodder: The base was made from different parts from different things. The bottom is from a plastic christmas ornament which was in the shape of a little military style drum, on top of that I glued the bottom from a crows' nest from a pirate ship model kit turned upside down, and I topped it off with a broken gear from some piece of technology or other. When stuff breaks around here I always open it up and gut it if any interesting bits and pieces to serve a second life in my hobby here.


The paintwork was done to resemble a worn verdigris type of patina over copper. I used reference of old decayed copper pipes and such from an image search on the web, then painted it to look like what I saw. I based the thing in green, mossy green I think, then I started applying liberal watered down washes and glazes of a mix of Hawk Turquoise (VGC) and Sea Mist (Palmer). I built up the patina mostly around the areas it would collect naturally and "wore it away" in areas that would get the most contact such as the tips of the gears and such. The wear was painted to resemble the copper underneath which is simply just painting with Tan (VGC) and highlighted with Dwarf Skin (VGC). Then I added little streaks of pure Sea Mist here and there and speckled it by dipping my brush directly in the paint and flicking the bristles to create random speckling. I used a fine liner brush with very watery Sea Mist and drew out connecting "lay lines" to connect some of the random dots with what looks a pattern...it's not very noticeable in these shots as I did that mostly on the top surface of the gears, which is away from the camera.


The foliage stuff is just flocking and static grass, and the rocky part at the bottom of the base is baked sculpey chipped to fit the base with a little flocking mix scattered around and painted to look like dirt. IMHO the base is overdone and detracts from the piece, but I'm rarely happy with my base work and always spend way too much time for mediocre results. It's something I always try to improve on though and thanks for the compliment. I am happy with the base on the Assassin though, that came out very pleasing to me and I'll probably do many more like that in further pieces.

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