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Warhammer: Empire Handgunners


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Grumble! Now that I'm trying to put together a new unit of halberdiers, it occurs to me that this ultimate customization system GW is using these days is WAY more trouble than it's worth. Back in the day, we just glued the 4 or 5 different, one-piece figures into the bases, and we could be certain they would rank perfectly. With just a little filing along the mould lines, they were ready to prime in an hour tops.


But these days! Every figure needs half a dozen bits snipped out and individually filed down. You have to spend HOURS gluing your fingers together attaching heads, and arms, and weapons, and daggers, and shields, and legs. And of course making sure they line up into units is as frustrating as all get out.


Oh, for the good old days!



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