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Looking for: oil lamp

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I swear I bought a pack of accessories from Reaper that contained an oil lamp, but I can't find the darn thing even in my scrap metal (trade in),container or in the container I have all the odd Reaper bits and accessories. :angry: I was planning on using the oil lamp on the base of my mouseling tomb raider. Am I imagining things? If this is a bit that can be gotten from Reaper through the boneyard and someone please post a link? I have tried ever search term I can think of and nothing.

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I found one lamp in 02638 Adventuring Accessories. It does not have the lamp keyword and the three Boneyard pictures are not correct for this item.

Thanks I have that one which I am planning to use on the 2011 RCon Sophie. The one I am looking for is more of middle eastern/biblical looking thing.

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