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Temple of Elemental Evil


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After all the small talk between the group. The cleric enters the inn to make arrangements for the group. Purchasing two rooms to share. One for the the two females and one from the dwarf and himself. He is quite confident that the dwarf would make arrangements for his hirelings or they would make their own. Approaching the inn keeper, "I require two rooms for a weeks stay with access to baths. I also need to put our four horses up in the stables for the week." Cory waits for the innkeeper to reply, he quickly scans the interior that he can see making note of anything that stands out.

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While waiting, Chara tries to sort out all that Golden has told her and the others.


"So we gonna look for this man Elmo? Or is it Burne we want? Think maybe one or the other gonna come with us?"


She looks around for a moment and takes in the scenery, finding this town much cleaner and less noisy than most.


"Bet they don't get up to much fun around here, ya think?"


Those who have known Chara probably already know the sort of fun she's talking about.



Feel free to make up stuff regarding exactly how much fun and property damage might've taken place in the past. Knowing Chara, she was too drunk at the time to deny anything you might recall to her at the present.

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Even before you open the door to the Inn, you can hear the noise of conversations, laughter & other sounds of well-known place of gathering. The stories you've heard of this place might be true after all.


You open the door & you walk into a rather large open common room. There are 4 natural trees in the middle of the room that support the 2nd floor & roof. On these are lanterns on all 4 sides, illuminating most of the room. There is a large fireplace that is lit not because it's cold in the inn but has various pots & other cooking utensils in it. There are 3 large rectangle picnic-style tables that are lined up against the front wall. There is 2 round table & 3 smaller rectangle tables in the middle of the room.


To your right, there are 2 doors that lead into other rooms + a staircase that leads up to the 2nd floor.


Straight across from the door is a large rectangle bar where a man with bushy muttonchops that connect to form a mustache serves beer, ale, & other beverages.




Behind him are 2 large kegs & to the left is a opening which appears to go to the kitchen, where a older woman, brings out a plate of food that looks delicious. The barkeep always says "Thank ye, dearie!" when she sets a plate on the bar, where a serving girl comes & delivers it to hungry patrons.


There is 2 serving girls bustling to bring food & drink out to the tables. Also there are 2 young girls that keep saying "Dad! 2 Meads, Specials!" or "Daddy, 2 Hommers!" These two are wandering the common room, but obviously are not part of the working staff. Thou they try their hardest to help their dad with orders.


There are 13 patrons in the bar. Mostly merchants including the 2 that came in before you. There are few farmers & other townsfolk as well partaking in in a drink or food. Out of these people the following are notable:


  • A man dressed in common, unkept clothes. He sits at the bar & has a large glass of beer, almost gone in front of him. He appears to be drunk.
  • A man with a long dark hair with a eye patch over his right eye. He wearing chainmail. He has a long sword & dagger at his side. Obviously a fighter of some sorts.
  • A man with a long beard. He is wearing a robe & small spectacles. Which he adjusts while pouring over a large book. In front of him is a wine glass, thou it is barely touched.
  • At one table there appears to be a game of cards with 4 men going. While 3 of them men appear to be townfolk, one appears a bit different. He is wearing finer clothing. His hair is curly & long. He has a fine goatee, which he fiddles with while holding his cards. He appears to be winning.
  • There are 2 men sitting at one of the smaller tables. One is large & just overly hulky. He appears to have a bit of barbarian blood in him. His head is shaved, he wears ring mail & at his side is a longsword & dagger. He dining partner is a small man with long straight black hair that is tied in a top knot at the top. He has a beard that is kept cut short. There doesn't appear to be any weapon on the man that you can see. He is wearing loose clothing.


Inn of Welcome Wench Interior (thou there is room for 11 horses)


It appears the barkeep is the proprietor of the inn.


As you get near the bar, he says


"Well good day, sir! Welcome to the Inn of the Welcome Wench, My name is Ostler Gundigoot. My wife, Astrid is in the kitchen & she is the finest cook in these parts! So if there is anything that tickles your stomach, feel free to order."


He points to a large wooden board behind him, that has been painted with what the place serves. The prices are a bit high.


"Ah you'd like a room! Excellent! Excellent! We have various rooms to suit your fancy. We have a dormitory room for those who can't afford the luxury of the private rooms or suites. Speaking of which we have a excellent private suite. It has all the amenities for your stay & is great for royalty or a small group. We also have other rooms that have different rates, depending on your weight of your coin purse, ha ha. So what would you like?"


After talking to the man, he offers the following rooms:


"Well, it sounds like you might want that suite! It costs 5 gp per night & that includes a grand breakfast that one of my girls will bring to your room! Other options you might want to think about are:


a simple room for 1 gold per night,

a simple room for 2 gold per night,

a simple room but has a table & chair for 1 gold & 5 silver per night.


Just depends on how much room you want. Also while I'd be a fool to turn away customers, I would recommend the Church of St Cuthbert for you, the priests there would probably offer you room & board for a small fee."





As you wait for Cory, various people in town walk by the inn & they kinda give the party a wide berth, epically when they see Chara. Anyone that looks over to the stables, see 2 men, a older man in his 40s & a young man probably 17 or 18 handling the horses inside.

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While standing there I snap my fingers on my right hand while holding a pipe with my left. A small flame ignites at the end of my index finger and I light the pipe with it. After a couple of long drags I say "We should probably head toward the Livery and drop the horses off." I would like to head for the EX Adventurer Wizards house. Body Guard says "I am noticing that Chara is getting that look in her eye again." "I think we should take her with and get her away from trouble after we put up the horses of course." I say "Yeah you might be right I do not want a rough start like we had at the last town."


Chara: HUMP you one ugly man!

Ugly Man: You not so goo...

Chara: Uses Ugly man as a cozy for rest of night!

(Picture a guy Arms and Legs wrapped around a 10 gallon Barrel of beer. Now picture Chara lifting him around the mid section to drink from said barrel. Yeah I think you got it.)


"One more thing the wizard will most likely not judge her, because I suspect him to be worldly and polite individual."


Occ: I hope to maybe learn something from this wizard in the way of spells. Ohh please Master of the Game.

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"We should probably head toward the Livery and drop the horses off."


"Good plan", Chara says and begins steering the mount(s) she is holding toward the livery.


Body Guard

"I am noticing that Chara is getting that look in her eye again." "I

think we should take her with and get her away from trouble after we put

up the horses of course."


"Trouble?", Chara says, snapping her head around and meeting Body Guard's gaze with her own. "Don't start none. Won't be none.".


She then continues her course toward the livery.

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Body Guard stands their blushing then moves to help Chara with the horses. He follows her like a thief would a gem.


Mean while Mr. Hammer stands there watching the hole scenario play out smoking his pipe and shaking his head. Then proceeds to follow and watch closely those around them. Knowing in his mind Body Guard being completely smitten is not paying attention to anyone except the one in front of him.


Golden just smiles and snickers to himself and sighs a long sigh of better times gone past.

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Cory think over the prices a moment. He is in need of a bath. He doesn't require the most luxurious of rooms with breakfast served in bed. Most likely a literal description of the services in this place. "I just require 2 simple rooms each to bed two occupants in separate beds. Along with access to a bath. We have had a long journey on a dusty road. Also a weeks stay in the stables for our horses with a proper grooming."


The cleric pays the barkeep. "I thank you kindly for pointing me in the direction of the church. I will be going there in the morning after a proper bath. Do not want to offend the priest or St. Cuthbert himself." Cory rejoins his friends outside to escort the horses to the stables.

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Cory realizes that Isha wish to rest, and he wish he was actually going to his room to get a bath and relax for the remainder of the night. First though he had to make sure the horses are taken care of and put away in the stables with instructions to be fed and groomed, the he could bath, have a snack and then retire. It would be good to sleep in a bed he thought to himself. "I hope the Dwarf doesn't snore", he mumbled to himself, maybe a bit to loudly. Once the horses are put up and everything is paid for, bath taken, snack eaten, Cory will retire for the evening with intentions of visiting St. Cuthbert's church in the morning.

/ooc What day is it? I assume I have paid 2gold per room/bath included per night for a week. that is 14g. How much for the horses to stay at stables for a week?

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Once the horses are stabled, Chara wastes no time in locating Isha and finding out in which room she will be staying for the next week. Once there, Chara unpacks her pack, being sure everything she recalled putting there was still indeed there. She then repacks her pack and takes advantage of the solitude (since Isha is downstairs playing flute) to have a bath, put on a cleaner shirt, launder (or at least air out) her traveling-clothes, and maybe rid herself of some unwelcomed chin-hair.


Fortunately for all involved, Isha's little flute concert lasts long enough that Chara is sound asleep and snoring like a boar-hog when she returns to the room.

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I am not ready to settle down for the evening and would like to go and see the two adventures and find out more about what it is that we face. Body Guard and I head out for the adventures place since it is only 1500 hours.


I leave Chara at the stables, before the cleric shows up, after she tells me her plan on spending the evening in. I thought she may have been interested in coming with, but she felt a bath necessary. If I may I would like to take a round about way on getting there to maybe see more of the village and its locales.

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With the innkeeper's permission Isha will hang out in the common room, play some common tunes on the flute -- she's not begging, just entertaining-- and see what kind of chatter she hears. She will talk with any who approach her with questions.

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The stable is quite nice. It appears to be well made & the upkeep well maintained. A boy about 12 comes up to the group. "Good day M'lords & ladies. My name is Weston & that is my dad, Johan over there. We run the stables here for Master Gundigoot. What can I do for you?"


You say you need service for a week & he replies that "it'll be 7 gold per day per horse." He says that "the price is bit high but some of the price goes to maintenance of the stable & his dad is the best equestrian & horse groomer in these parts!" You can tell by the horses that are stabled here that they are well maintained.


Johan, the boy's father comes over & says


"If the price is too high for you, you can try to stable your horses over at the General store, thou they won't get the same treatment as here. I treat them like they are guests of the Inn."


After talking with the stablehands, you all make your way to the inn.




The barkeep gladly accepts your offer for entertainment. He'll even trade a good cooked meal for your services.






You make your way up the stairs to the right & onto the 2nd floor. The crowd gives a look but for the most part they ignore you & go back to what they were doing in the first place. As you look for your room number, a long, black haired man wearing chainmail, with a longsword at his side comes up the stairs. He is wearing a eyepatch over his left eye. You can see a visible scar that goes through his eye. He barely gives you notice as he brushes past you. Thou you think if you were a bit more into the hallway, he would have ran into you & probably through you. He goes into his room which is room #6


After he closes the door you move to your room. It is room #9, the guys are staying in room #11. You wait for Isha to take her bath & change. She bids you a farewell & makes her way back down to the common room. It's been awhile, well other then that time in the river but that was due to the party was fleeing a enraged owlbear. The bath feels good. It helps ease the muscles from riding & other pains. You almost fall asleep. You do fall asleep when you hit the bed. It's simple (like the Super 8 motel in 05 for ReaperCon :devil: ) but it works it's magic & you fall asleep quickly.



You come outside to see that Golden & his bodyguard have made their way past the blacksmith shop & are heading down the road. Probably towards the tower as you overheard he was thinking about seein the local wizard. Your pretty sure he'll be ok in whatever he does You see the party is inside the stables negotiating with the stablehands. After dealing with them you make your way up to your room (#11 in the Upper Room) & retire for the evening.




You hand your mount off to the stable hand & you & Bodyguard make your way into the rest of the town. The tower is pretty hard not to miss as it's the tallest building the town of Homlett.


You make your way towards it. Before passing the blacksmith on your right is a rather large grove of trees with a pathway up to them #24. This is obviously a place of worship. The trees are neatly pruned, and the grass is well tended. A carefully placed line of bluish stones sets off the path leading to a rock cairn where flowers, nuts, berries, and garlands of leaves are placed. A small path leads beyond the shrine to a low-roofed wooden building placed under the great boughs of the central oaks of the copse.


You pass the blacksmith who now has started to pound on something. The item still glowing red-hot. You notice it's a short man & not a dwarf. Thou his beard would make a dwarf proud. He stops & gives you a nod before going back to his pounding. On the grove side is a large barn with a home connected to it #25. There is no one is the yard. You assume they are off in the field working.


Next to it is a barn-like house with a wheel nailed to a post(#26), a wheel-wright shop. There are a couple of young men working in the yard, they are tending to a broken wagon wheel. A small girl plays in the yard.


Across the street is a place with a well maintained, eight foot high stone wall and a heavy gate (#27). It is obviously the residence of some well-to-do folk, and easily defensible in times of trouble. Probably the mayor or some sorta town official. Your not ready to meet these kind of people, just yet.


Up the street is a odd sight, or least in this town. A newly constructed building. A sign before this place shows a saw and hammer, a carpenter's shop (#28). A woman in her 30s is outside tending the plants & trees. As she sees you she gives you a wave & smile.


The road passes a bunch of trees before coming up to a well-crafted stone dwelling which also seems to be recently built. It is set off from the road by a low stone wall. No animals are seen, but some children are playing in the yard (#29). A woman is also outside in the yard, she appears to be in her 20s. As she sees you & Bodyguard she gives you a wave & a "Good afternoon!"


Off to your right are the beginnings of a smallish castle, being built around a new tower atop the low mound (#30). Workers have dug deep trench lines about ten feet wide and as deep, down to a hard clay. They seem to be in the process of mortaring the foundations of the wall to be built above. Work has barely begun, but the outlines of bastions, towers, a gatehouse and a keep can be noted.


The keep (#31) is atop the second hillock, and considerable excavation has taken place. The earth from this digging has been used in the walls around the whole. Some dressed stone blocks are visible, but not similar to local stone. It's a single round spire, the home of the two adventurers, Rufus & Burne!


This structure is some 55 feet tall, a smaller tower rising inside the greater at about 35 feet above the ground. Its entrance is accessible only by going up a curving flight of stone stairs which terminate in a landing about 10 feet above the ground. The outer door of the tower lowers to form a bridge to the stone landing. There are numbers of arrow slits around the tower, and it has a splay

around the base to about 6 feet in height.


The lower and upper battlements are machicolated (An overhanging defensive structure at the top of a medieval fortification, with floor openings through which boiling water or oil, missiles, etc., could be dropped on attackers. Yes I had to look that one up.), the merlons being pierced for archery as well. Two men-at-arms watch from its roof.

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I ask Body Guard to go and announce our approach and hail the guards to see if we may talk to the masters of the tower. I await Body Guards voice and stand at the base of the stairs that lead to the landing. Once I hear his voice I will start my accent toward the base of the Tower and join Body Guard on the landing.

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One of the purple with gold trim guards acknowledges Bodyguard's precence & he asks the usual "Who goes there, state your business, etc etc" questions.


He disappears & about 5 to 10 mins later, you hear a "Thud" & the drawbridge starts to lower onto the landing. The guardsman is back at his post up on top of the tower now. Out comes a guardsman with anther one in tow. He is wearing chain mail, has a longsword & a shield. On the shield is a red badger on a yellow background. The additional guardsman is wearing ringmail, has a shield (it has the same design as the other one.) & a longsword at his side. Joining him are two young adventure types like yourself & your fellow party members.


One is wearing bright chainmail with a tabard (it has a silver falcon symbol on top of a blue & yellow 4 part pattern (left shoulder blue, below that yellow; right shoulder yellow, below that blue). At his side is a battle axe. He has a burly beard & has a full head of red hair.


Next to him is young man wearing purple robes that are trimmed in gold. He is also wearing a crumple hat that is purple as well. His face is clean-shaven. He has on his belt a dagger & a wand.


The guardsman in the ring, steps forward & says


"Welcome, Golden to the home of Rufus & Burne, high adventurers of Hommlet & lands beyond!"


"Now, now. No need for all the pop & circumstances." the fighter says. "My name is Rufus & welcome, please come inside."


The mage looks you over & says "I see, you study the arts as well. It's been awhile since we've had someone trained in arcane matters visit Hommlet."


The entourage escorts you into the tower.




The small entryway is closed off by a stone wall and an inner door of iron. The guard that didn't speak goes back to the entrance way. The door is flanked by shuttered arrow slits, and two murder holes are in the ceiling. Flanking the inner portal are two fire-places, where most of the cooking is done by two to three servants. You see a curved alcove above the main hall. Trestle tables can be extended down and across to accommodate about 40 people when a feast or revel is held.


Several comfortable chairs are placed along the walls, and the walls themselves are hung with tapestries and decorated with shields, arms, and hunting trophies — 12 shields, six long swords, four spears, two battle axes, and

the heads and horns of various creatures.


Ramps curving upwards and downwards lead to other levels.


The groups goes to a grouping of chairs & a small table. Rufus offers you & Bodyguard a couple of chairs.


"Captain go about duties, I'm sure our guest is no threat." Burne says. The guard in the ring mail, snaps to attention & turns around & go up the stairs.


"Are you hungry or thristy?" Rufus says "Oh hell, I am!" He calls a servant over & has him bring a pitcher of beer over with 3 glasses. Anther one brings over a platter with fruits


"Now, that Rufus has satisfied his gut, what can we do for you?" Burne says with a smile.

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