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Temple of Elemental Evil

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Init: 6


Chara pulls her sword and moves in on the ogre with determination.


To hit: 15+2)=17 Damage: 6(+3)=8


Body Guard tosses his lit torch aside and joins Chara in the attack.


To hit: 19 Damage: 3(+1)=4

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As the party gathers up items of interest & surveys the damage to all the party members everyone suddenly feels like you have more stamina & will to face the great evils on the world.     L

D6 for initiative right? BAM! Natural 6!

Chara hands over most of the money and other  items she finds to Isha, but keeps a "finder's fee" for herself...one of the silver pieces. She makes a mental note that it belongs to Not-Sam, but does n

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I noticed that there was a large "S" on the map. I can only assume you were marking Shad Oh's position, since he is oh-so-spectacular. :devil::lol:


Since attempting to shoot a bow into melee combat is only going to result in getting one of my compatriots hurt, I put my back to the wall such that I can watch the room and up the stairs for reinforcements for the ogre. I keep my torch in one hand and my sword in the other.

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Tiron steps into the room and makes some strange movements, appearing to be patting down his own armor. With a few quick motions, his chest plate and arm protection fall to the ground and his hands begin to glow as he draws arcane symbols in the air while chanting in a tongue foreign to his companions. The glow surrounding his hands intensifies into a bright star in between them which turns white-hot and fires itself directly at the ogre.


Not sure which method of Magic Missile we're doing: Option 1 - 15 to hit, 5 damage / Option 2 - Automatic Hit, 4 damage

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Kyana struggles to regain consciousness. The throbbing pain from where she was hit pulses in her elf like ears. She gathers her strength and pushes herself toward the voices. She uses the wall to steady herself and to guide her way.

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Use whatever method you want to use.




The sounds appear to be coming outside the wooden door with opening at the top. There are bars across the opening thou. You are in a small room, 40' x 40'. There are manacles along the walls & dirty straw on the floor.

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"Cha..." Isha starts to call out after Chara, and realizes the futility of interrupting an orc in battle frenzy. "We will work on your impulse control later," she mumbles to herself.


She steps into the room and sidles along the east wall, keeping the pillars between herself and the ogre, trying to get around to the north side of the room to flank to beast.

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When I get home from work tonight, I will roll a Perception check to see if I even notice the noise coming from the cell (or maybe even fingers sticking out through the bars). Depending on how fabulous I roll will determine what Shad decides to do.

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Note: battle is taking place around the pillar near the secret door, say 2 sqaures in.


Party goes first!!!


Combat ROUND #1


Chara meets the viscous ogre head on, getting her sword in first before he can react! Doing 8 pts of damage to him!!!


Body guard skirts the battle & gets beside the creature & strikes right after Chara, doing 4 more pts of damage!


Tiron fires a magic missle at the ogre....................


Cory will hang back & will provide healing support for the group if needed.


Elmo moves in on the ogre. He strikes with his battleaxe for a mighty 8 pts of damage!!


Isha, with the orge involved with 3+ people he ignores you as you skirt the walls & get around the back of him. As you move, make a Wisdom check.


Shad, make a Wisdom check as well..........


Ogre attacks!!


The ogre attacks Chara! He swings the "knife" at you but misses terribly.


Ogre Damage: 20 pts (possibly pending more )

Party Damage: 0 pts


Waiting on Tiron, Shad & Isha's actions for Round 1 to close.




Depending on your height, you might be able to see the battle (not sure how tall your half-elf is). The door is a standard indoor door, just had a opening at the top. If you can see out, a woman in plain clothing comes into view.

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I've always gone with MMs being auto-hits, so if that's cool with you, let's just use that from here on out. (Yes, I know that the other way did more damage and was probably a hit too, but it's just easier for me to remember the way that I'm used to doing it.)

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You strike the ogre for 3 pts of damage (roll of 2+1).




You notice nothing other then the ogre. which appears to be hurting from the initial combat.




As you are not in melee with the ogre. You get a better sense on what is in & around the room. As noted before there is a ratty looking "bed" in the upper corner. It's composed of old blankets,cloaks, animals skins & dirty straw, Also you spot a big wooden chest with only 1 side handle near the makeshift bed. What catches your eye & ears are the sounds coming from the southern door. Also petite fingers shaking wildly through the bars trying to get anyone attention.






Inti roll of 3

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Chara continues doing what she believes she does best, and is only momentarily distracted by a fleeting recollection of the last ogre she killed...an utterly unclean smelling ogress who, for reasons unknown to Chara, fought wearing nothing but orange war paint.


Init: 2


Chara makes her attack.


To hit: 5+2)=7 Damage: 6(+3)=4


Body Guard wonders what is wrong with Chara. He worries a little, but continues the attack.


To hit: 8 Damage: 1(+1)=2

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After releasing his spell, Tiron gathers his armor and buckles it back into place with a few cleverly designed catches. He keeps a wary eye on the ogre while doing so and draws his sword when his armor is in place.

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