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Temple of Elemental Evil


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"I have seen many unusual things as I have traveled," Isha says, and by her dark skin and strange clothing you gather she has traveled far. "But not these men in black robes. I do not know this markl of a red eye. What is most concerning me is this keep" she waves vaguely upward, "it is accounted to be abandoned, though we did find bandits yesterday there is no purpose here for men in black robes." She looks questioningly at Elmo. "You serve the Viscount, is this red eye a symbol of his?"

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Elmo show his shield & says



"This is royal symbol of the Viscount of Verbobonc."




"The eye may be related to the former Elder Eye cult that inhabited the Temple. Thou that cult was destroyed when the Great Crusade raided the temple & vanquished whatever was left in the surrounding lands. It may just be a copycat cult using the eye symbol to draw off the infamy of the Elder Eye cult."


Cory says


"Well if there is a new cult then we should snuff whatever is here out. By my sacred vow to St Cuthbert, I shall see it done!"


If anyone checks the other door it is locked but a check of the keyring shows a second key that will fit the lock perfectly.

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Cory takes the keys & sticks the one that unlocks the door. The wooden door opens inward. The room is dark but Cory flashes a torch he took from the wall inside it appears to be a storeroom of sorts. The room is full of foodstuff & other pantry items but what catches your eye are 2 bodies hanging from the ceiling & a small body on the floor!


The 2 hanging from the ceiling are both human. They are both bound with rope & are tied with their arms up. Using the rope around their hands to secure them to the hooks. They are both badly beaten, one has brusied & swollen eye & the other his mouth, mustache & cheek are bloodied from a cut on his cheek.. From their clothes you can see they are either merchants or well-off people but those are even a mess.


The small person on the floor has a unkept beard, a big nose (which is very bloodied & appears to be broken) & a swollen eye, a gnome! Your not sure what profession the gnome (if any) as he is wearing regular clothes, thou badly in need of repair.


As soon as the light hits one of the merchants he says


"Please....no more, we beg you...."


Not knowing that help may be at the door instead.


The room is 10 x 10. There is a wooden door in the South wall in the west corner (will have a updated map up soon!)


"By St Cuthbert......." is all Cory can say.

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"I think further exploration needs to be tabled until we can get these people back to town and see that they receive proper care. Plus, I'm sure our new friend would like a chance to rest and recover before running into more bandits."

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As Tiron cuts one the men down, the gnome stirs awake.


"Owwwwww my head..." he groans.


The other merchant answers Isha's question.


"It was no bandits but a group of men with what appeared to be a broken wagon. We were outside of Hommlet on our way to the Inn of the Welcome Wench when my associate & I came upon them. They asked if we had any tools to fix the wheel, being merchants & such saw the oppurtunity to make a sale. It was after we got off our horses & down to the broken wheel when we were jumped by these men."


He continues on


"We woke up shackled to the room out there. We have been tortured & bruised up by the ogre. I'm sure he was gonna eat us soon, as he was getting tired of us."


The gnome speaks now.


"He probably would have if not for me. That ogre beat me up as well, said he was 'tenderizing the meat'. Good thing you came along. The name is Sparks. Sparks McGee, of the Kron Hills. He puts up a hand.


'My name is Lavin Vanderhoof & this is my associate, Bill Barns. We both hail from the Free City of Dyvers."



You find the pantry is mostly empty but there are some dried grains, some salt & oddly enough a barrel of pickled herring.


"If anything I can take the men back to Hommlet & see that they are cared for."


"I can catch up when I return."


Elmo says

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