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Temple of Elemental Evil

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As the party gathers up items of interest & surveys the damage to all the party members everyone suddenly feels like you have more stamina & will to face the great evils on the world.     L

D6 for initiative right? BAM! Natural 6!

Chara hands over most of the money and other  items she finds to Isha, but keeps a "finder's fee" for herself...one of the silver pieces. She makes a mental note that it belongs to Not-Sam, but does n

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"What did Burne and Rufus have to say..besides what they sed about the Moat House?", Chara asks Golden.


They said that there are most likely five of the bastards out there at least that are visible. Not really much else the rest of what I just said is speculation. I just do not feel very comfortable here and I do not believe that all is well.


Well, apparently, what Rufus and Burne meant to say is all the men in the town make up the militia. I have a new plan of attack. I say we speak to the mayor and see about making some coin helping to train these men so they may be able to defend the village better. Plus this will help us gain some rep with the town and some reinforcements if the sh!t hits the fan. It might also help us weed out the people whom may be involved. How you say, well if some of the men are exceptional or grossly inept we may want to speak with those men. We know that most have seen battle, but not for at least 5 years. We should look for the inconsistencies.


I do still say we stick together and I do still feel we should talk to these priesties. Cause, with religion comes crime and with this crime comes salvation. The piest love taken money from those sinners. To himself but just loud enough Prayin for magic... Grumble...





OOC Please read I have updated and thus your answers to me may be changed.

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"If we all gonna stay together and we all got same-shares in this job, maybe we best have a vote.", Chara suggests. "That's how we done it back in the city before I found all of yous."


She counts the others around the table, including Body Guard.

"We got five..so no draws. Last time we had a draw, Gund almost broke Leif's neck tryin' to change his mind for him."


"So..who wants to go where first?"

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Cory takes a sip from the mug that was set in front of him, a fine elderberry juice. The plate with the fair of the food that was included in the price of the rooms. "I was thinking we should go and consult the clerics of St. Cuthbert's church that the goodwife had mentioned yesterday." The cleric set down his mug and takes a napkin from the table and tucks it in his collar so that it draped over his exposed holy symbol hanging from a simple gold silk cord that matched the cord around his waist. The white cloth napkin also covered the front of the robes he wore that were of a red silk material. Picking at the food on his plate before selecting the small piece of bread he added. "I think that we might gain the most information from those of my order, they are sure to know what is going on in the town with these reported bandits."


Cory takes a bite of the bread, which must have been at least a day old and washed it down with a drink from his mug as he listened and waited for others to have any suggestions.

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I'll sigh and stretch languidly. After making that hasty getaway yesterday, I'm in no hurry to stick my head outside the Inn and get it chopped off by some completely unreasonably angry merchants. It's not like they will miss a 100 gold necklace. Well... maybe they will, it was their best piece of merchandise after all. Oh well...


It seems that the common room pickings are slim, so after adjusting my clothes, splashing a bit of water on my face and ensuring that my daggers are hidden, but handy, I'll saunter on out of the common room and look for the cheap breakfast and take stock of the patrons. I'm especially interested in the drunk or the flute player, if I can see either.

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Hmm.. interesting. A half-orc and a human? Going to have to keep my eye on them. Probably trouble, but sometimes there's gold in trouble...


I'll eat my breakfast and listen in on their conversation, in a casual-I'm-not-listening-but-if-you-look-real-hard-you-can-tell-but-maybe-not-but-I-want-to-avoid-rolling-dice-so-lets-see-how-this-goes manner.

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Don't forget the Dwarven wizard sitting at said table lol. With the Large Man standing behind him.


Dude, you're a dude. :rock: Slick don't swing that way. ::D:


I must have missed something, I thought you was taking note of those around. Did not realize you was just looking for the women. If that be the case Body Guard has taken quite the liking to Chara, could make things interesting.

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The party makes it's way down the stairs at various times. Whatever the case may be, the pleasing smells of breakfast drift up stairs around 6 in the morning or so. Whoever is first down to the common room sees the innkeeper's wife in the kitchen & one of the barmaids from last night working the common room. The man with the large beard is already down in the common, he is reading a book & is smoking a long pipe. He looks up long enough to see you appear in the room before going back to his book.


About an hour after all of the party (including Slick) has made it's way the innkeeper himself has made his way into the common room as well. He sees the party & gives you a hearty smile & a "Good mornin!" before he goes about doing his daily morning duties of the inn.


The inn becomes a bit more busy around 8 am or so, with a few townsfolk coming in for breakfast or various merchants that have stayed at the inn getting a meal before departing (same ones as before). Other people enter the common room -- the fighter type with the eye patch, wearing the ringmail armor & longsword. He now has a shield strapped to his back, there is nothing on it. He eyeballs the party but doesn't stop & leaves the inn. The odd couple of the barbarian & the smallish man with the top knot sit down for a meal before leaving the inn as well.


The party notices a new person, thou Isha & Golden seen the man last night, he is wearing fine clothing. He has sat as a table close to the party's table. He is eating breakfast.


After discussing your early plans, the man with the fine mustache comes down the stairs. He is wearing a different set of fine clothing but now has a shortsword with it. He sees Isha & makes his way over to the table.


"Good morning, M'lady & friends. My name is Furnok of Ferd."


He gives the party a bow.


"I seen you enter yesterday, but I was pre-occupied with other endeavors so I couldn't introduce myself. You appear to be adventurers. Like yourselves, I'm a adventurer as well. I was in town just waiting for a group such as yourselves so that I may offer my services to you. I am a trapfinder, disarmer, scout. I see your party doesn't have someone of my skills in your group right now, or if so (he looks at Isha) then you'd have double the amount of people specializing in our field."



For Slick


You don't see the merchants or their guard from yesterday in the room

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Chara glares at Golden. "Ease off him. He's just tryin' to make some coin same as the rest of us."


She then asks Fernok, "Who'd you used'ta work with, and how come you looking for new mates now? Did they all get killed?"


Chara supposes it's a fair question, and wonders when her associates suddenly became so picky about the sorts of people they let join them. It was certainly not that way when she met up with the original four.

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"All right then what's your name boy."


Since he had not even payed any attention earlier and rudly blurted out his normal response.


"And answer the girlies questions and be quick about it."


Glares at body guard for charas observation. Whom has now moved behind Chara.because of the dashing figure before them and his fear that his unpronounced love will sucumb to such charms.

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"It's Fernok", Chara blurts out, scarcely allowing the near-stranger to reintroduce himself


For Chara it is still too early in the morning, and she is in her typical morning mood. The fact that Golden's friend is now standing over her like some kind of suspicious constable isn't helping her mood in the least. She turns and rolls her eyes at the large human hovering behind her and says matter-of-factly, "My body don't need guardin'."

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