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Temple of Elemental Evil


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Chara moves to help Elmo with his foe. She grips her bastard sword and swings at the zombie's midsection,


To hit: 5(+2)=7 Damage: 4(+3)=7


Body Guard continues fighting the zombie with Shad, though he seems to be tiring.


To hit: 16 Damage: 1(+1)=2

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With final swings the party takes out the final zombies. Their lifeless corpses no longer a threat to the party.


As the members of party slays the zombies in this room the rest of the party enters the dark room which is dimly lit by the party's torchlight. It appears to be a torture chamber. There are various tables & racks in the room along with instruments of torture hanging on the walls. There are no bodies in the room but there are skeletons amongst the machines of torture.As you look around the room it looks like it hasn't been used in awhile but you see tall tell signs of recent use amongst the equipment.


The 3 zombies are in the center of the room. They appear to be still feeling the effects of the turning.


Whoever feels like attack may attack at a +4.


Map of the room will be up tomorrow.

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Shad moves towards the closest zombie. He swings his short sword, hoping to take it out quickly before the zombie decides to come out of its stupor and attack.


YES! I finally roll worth a crap! I rolled a 14, add in the +4, and I get a 18. And I rolled a 5 for damage! Woo hoo! :devil:

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The rest of the party steps into the room & attacks the 3 helpless zombies.


Shad strikes the 1st zombie with a solid strike for 5 pts!


Isha strikes the 2nd one for 6 pts of damage!!


Tiron sees the 3rd is free of a attacker & goes after & hits for 3 pts!!


Chara you strike the 1st one for 5 more pts of damage!!


Elmo moves in helps Tiron with his zombie, but misses badly!


Cory will move up behind Shad & utters a holy word to his god, St Cuthbert. Shad you are healed for 5 pts!!




1st -10

2nd -6

3rd -3


Next round:


The zombies regain their wits & will start to attack if they are still "alive" to do so.


Party wins initiative!!




He swings his sword, hoping to finish off the undead creature once & for all. He hits for 4 pts of damage!!!




(the 2 dots are pillars just like the previous room you were in)

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