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Temple of Elemental Evil


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With the party having the upper hand on the 3 remaining zombies. They are dispatched a few rounds later, the party suffering minor damage in the process (Bodyguard & Elmo both suffering 2 pt wounds.).




The room you are in, once there is a reasonable light source available is a torture room. At first glance this place seems long abandoned;dust, dirt, and cobwebs abound. A careful perusal shows, however, that several of the skeletons in the place are not old remnants, and some of the instruments and mechanisms have been used very recently indeed.


Anyone that examines the machines go ahead & make a Wisdom check (roll d20 & add/minus your modifier).


Also before the zombie attack, one of the doors on the far west wall was unlocked by Tiron. There is also the cells the zombies came out of to be checked.

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Chara walks over to one of the torture machines and begins looking it over. She is aware it's for torture, but not quite sure exactly how it works. It's not rusty so she guesses it is newer than the others..or maybe just better made. She looks at the skeleton remains..then the machine..and back at the skeletons. She scratches her fuzzy chin and wonders aloud.


"Ya think we could torture a zombie...make it talk?"


WIS check: 13

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Isha looks around at the mess with disgust. Using her staff, she prods at the corpses, seeking to discover any information about them if possible. (Are they re-animated recently dead villagers, or something originally laid to rest ages ago?).

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As everyone fans out to examine the room, Cory says


"Who is hurt the most? Shad? Tiron?" I still have a couple of spells."




the corpses don't appear to be villagers but the rags that they are dressed in appear to be traveling clothing. You recall the talk at the end of the bandit raids on the roads. These are probably the results of those (well minus the band that were above in the ruins of course). They don't appear to have come from a grave thou, the bones appear to worn due to the surrounding area they were left to rot in.




You don't find anything out of the ordinary amongst the torture machines.

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Sorry guys. I've been sick the last few days. ::(:


Shad responds to Cory "See to Tiron's wounds. He appears to be having difficulty. Elmo, if you are feeling up to it, what say you and I go make sure the rooms those zombies came from are truly empty?" Assuming he is willing, then we will go to the first one we come to and see what we can see!

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Cory says


"Ok. Also I think we should find a room to rest for the night or head back up top & stay there to refresh our strength. Who knows what else might be lurking down here."


With that he walks over to Tiron & starts to say a healing prayer to St. Cuthbert. His hands start to glow with a soft blue light & touches Tiron, healing him for 6 pts of damage.


Elmo says to you Shad "Yes, this room makes me feel ill."




The rooms the zombies came out are jail cells with heavy wooden doors with a small barred window at head level. There is a small door over the bars that slides in & out. Also each door has a wooden sliding board that secures the door shut. You see the doors are all rigged together to open the board if the trap trigger is touched (which is what you stepped on). You also notice the hinges & mechanisms are well oiled & free of cobwebs.


The zombies have no treasure whatsoever but inside the northern most cell you spot a stone on the wall that just too way out of place. Removing the stone you find a gemstone that looks like this:




Other then some old straw on the ground & the stone you don't find anything else in the cells.

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Feeling the healing power flowing through his body is an immense relief to the young half-elf. He shakes his head to clear it and thanks the cleric profusely before securing his sword again and making his way to the door that he unlocked previously and peering into the opened room.

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You make your way over to the unlocked door. As you open it you notice no obvious creak that you would expect from a door down in a dungeon such as this. You notice the hinges are well oiled.


Inside you find the following:


A small 20 x 20 storage room. It contains:

30 shields

12 suits of leather armor,

& several barrels. Most salted meat, but there is two in the rear that are 5 gallon kegs of brandy.


There is no connecting door to the northern room thou.


With the regards to going back to town. Cory says


"Do you think that is wise?"


"I mean so far we've only explored these rooms. There must be something else to this place?"


"I would hate to have explored this area & then someone that was using these torture devices come looking for that ogre & then be lying in wait for us when we return. Granted he may have been the actual torturer??"


At this moment Elmo speaks up


"That & I've never known ogres to hole up in such a small place thou. The spiral staircase we came down was too small for that beast to fit down. There must be anther way into this place?"

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