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Temple of Elemental Evil


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"Yes, there is that door too." Cory says in response to Isha.


"Plus there is still that locked door. Who knows what might be behind that." he adds.


After the morning meal, Cory gathers his gear up. Elmo is ready.


"So what is the plan?" Cory says to the group.

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"Hows about we go see that door on the way out like Isha says.", Chara says eagerly. She then looks to Body Guard, who had taken a fair beating the day before. "You up to it today? You doing good and I don't wanna see you dead down there"

OOC I don't know how much damage relative to HP Bod has taken. Is he below 1/3 his max HP at this time?. If so I'd rather Sam take his place and let him watch the horses up top.

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Tiron spends most of the evening huddled close to the fire with his spellbook in his lap saying little to anyone else. He turns in fairly early, takes his turn on the watch and sleeps heavily until morning. While breaking camp again, he keeps pretty much to himself and listens intently to the conversation about what the plan for today is. It really doesn't matter to him what the group decides to do; he's just happy to have these new friends around who seem more than happy to assist him in his quest to smite as much of Nulb's evil populace from the face of the earth.


Spell memorized: Hold Portal

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The party gathers their things up around 9 am or so. & heads back down into the dungeon going the same way as before. Cory lights up a torch before heading down the stairway. You get down to the small room. Taking a quick peek into the ogre room, you see things are the same as you left them.


Upon investigation of the door crack, you do see a normal size door on the other side of the room.

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Ok, I swear that I posted the other day right after Inarah but it either got abducted by aliens, stolen by pirates or assassinated by ninjas. Anyway, I guess I'll just have to post again!


Tiron follows closely behind Isha being very wary of any traps.


6 on 1D6 to detect traps (I think that I rolled the correct die.)

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Chara will follow behind Shad, letting him do the trap-finding.


Shad autodetects all traps, allowing Shad to avoid traps, which then lets people following Shad discover the same traps because Shad doesn't talk about traps that Shad has avoided. :devil:


LOL! :lol:


Shad will proceed down the stairs with caution. Shad doubts that there are any bad guys waiting immediately around the corner, assuming they would have tried something in the middle of the night. Shad will be on the lookout for traps.

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Isha gladly steps aside & lets Shad & everyone else move ahead. Cory will move up behind Chara, thou that negates her darkvision.


So right now I have this as the marching order...


Tiron in front for trap detection (if no traps are found, move back? Your choice)

Shad 1st or 2nd depending on Tiron

Chara (where would you like Bg at?)

Cory (Torch)







You check the corridor & there are no traps. The ceiling looks a bit odd but you don't find anything out of place thou. As you look for traps you do notice the walls & ceiling are dry.



You make your way down the stairs & onto the small landing, as you step here you can see into the angle of the corridor. The corridor branches off into 2 tunnels, one that goes to the east & the other to the south.


(Map will be up as soon as the Reaper MSP dries (works great as a correction cover-up!!! :wacko: )



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