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Temple of Elemental Evil


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Go ahead & make a Listen check (D6)




With the torchlight you see the near passage goes down 10 feet & the turns to the right for about 30 feet before turning forward again. There is nothing in the passage. The other passage you see goes 30 feet & then turns to the right before fading into darkness.


(map will be up shortly)

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As the party starts to make its way down the south tunnel. Isha stops for a bit & listens intently down the other passage. You are about join the others when you hear something that sounds like chattering & not from 1 person, You can't understand the language thou. It's off in the distance as well, as the sounds echo off the walls ever so slightly.

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Tiron & Chara move up the passage as both have darkvision, I take it no light source?. Cory has the torch & will stay behind with the rest of the group.


The passage turns south for 30 feet before moving west. This goes for 30 feet before turning north. This goes for 30 feet before turning out into a large room after 10 feet of passage. As the two of you get into the large room, the voices are coming from the north passage. Tiron you can make out what the voices are saying, it's a guttural version of Goblin but it goes like this:



(if you understand Goblin go ahead & read the spoilers!)



"When are we gonna bash some heads!"




Anther voice:



"We wait for Master!"



The voices continue to argue, with anther voice joining in.


The room that you are in now is for the most part a 50 x 30 feet room with 3 sets of doors off to the west.


main map with passage




New rooms



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