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Temple of Elemental Evil

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As the party gathers up items of interest & surveys the damage to all the party members everyone suddenly feels like you have more stamina & will to face the great evils on the world.     L

D6 for initiative right? BAM! Natural 6!

Chara hands over most of the money and other  items she finds to Isha, but keeps a "finder's fee" for herself...one of the silver pieces. She makes a mental note that it belongs to Not-Sam, but does n

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Body Guard begins blushing and cowering. He tries to muster some sort of retort, but can not find the words. He then slowly with shoulders slumped walks and stands yet again behind Golden.


Golden Adds "Thats right and doin be fergetting whos the one payin ye again!" then begins grumbling to himself "Durned fool kids... Googly eyed in all...Grumble...


Body Guard blushes and is trying to regain his dignity. One of these days he will gain his courage to profess his love. One of these days...thinking to himself and dreaming...


Golden and Body Guard come out of there musings at almost the same time and snap a hard stare at the new comer waiting for the answers. Body Guard appears a little more stoic and Golden is just his usually grumpy self.

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You don't see the merchants or their guard from yesterday in the room


Whew... that's a relief! Now on to business...


"I am a trapfinder, disarmer, scout. I see your party doesn't have someone of my skills in your group right now, or if so (he looks at Isha) then you'd have double the amount of people specializing in our field."


Interesting... so this group is up to something.


DM: Does Furnok have any sort of valuables aside from the sword and fine clothes?


I'll attempt to meet Isha's gaze and give a little knowing smile.

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Not really, if he does he is probably hiding them somewhere. Thou he does have a small shoulder bag with him as well, it well worn from use.





The man (he looks to be in his 20s) says to the party


"I'm from a very small town near Greyhawk City far away from here. My former adventuring party was killed by a green dragon many miles from here but I survived & made my way to this village. It's been a nice place to live the last few months but I'm restless & I want to adventure again."


(break for the 4th weekend, Happy 4th everyone!)

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Cory continues to eat his breakfast watching intently at the interaction of the rest of his party and the professed thief in their mist. One of his profession does not usually advertise their skills so openly, especially in a tavern where everyone’s first instinct is to put a hand to their pouch and the other to their weapon. The cleric had more pressing matters of consulting with the Clerics of St. Cuthbert this morning.


Checking his own purse to make sure what little coin he still had was still safely within their confines. “We will need to confer about your offer but first we have business at the Church of St. Cuthbert”, Cory was trying to leave the party an opening for letting down this character and his boasting. They didn't really need to have it advertised that they have a professional thief in their party, especially when going inside the walls of a church. If they were to employ someone of his profession it would be better suited for that person to be low key about it.


“We will meet you back here around mid day to let you know of our decision.” Cory takes the last bit of his food and pushes his plate away and then takes the last swig of his elderberry juice before standing. Once on his feet the cleric takes the napkin from his collar and places it on the table and then straightens his robes all the while brushing away any lose crumbs.


“I think we should attend to our business now.”


The cleric whispers to Chara, "Keep an eye out for this fellow and make sure he doesn't follow us"

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"Good plan.", whispers Chara back to Cory as she too stands, having wolfed down her own breakfast well before the others had finished. Nobody but Golden had raised any objections to visiting Cory's temple first, nor had any new ideas been suggested, so she will follow after him.


"Yeah..wait for us here.", Chara tells the trapspringer as she is preparing to leave, but at that moment another stranger approaches the table to make introductions. She sits back down for the moment to hear what he has to say.



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I watch with a some interest at the interaction between Furnok and the party - as well as the cool reception given by the priest and the half-orc. "Hmm... they don't want to hear words, they want to see results. OK, let's see how this goes."


I'll stand, approach the table next to Ferd, bow to the seated. "My deepest apologies for the interruption..." and then I turn to Ferd.


"My good man, I represent Hizzoner Nausicus Spoonsilver, Judge of Geligwhick County. I am here to officially present you with a summons to his court to report 8 days hence to respond to debtor and collections charges placed against you due to damages and lost/stolen goods reported against your persons."


I hold up my hand to forestall any protestations. "Please, sir... I've already informed the Sheriff, constable and town guard, and I am empowered by charter of the Duke to make all summons known verbally to the person so entreated. I have all these good folks (I'll wave my hands around to the patrons and the group seated) as witnesses you were so served. I would advise you to pack up and make your way forward as notified. This will be your only summons, the guard and Sheriff are responsible for ... additional summonings should you not comply."


I'll wait for his response, but I'll also keep my arms at my side and present a businesslike, almost functionary demeanor.

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Golden watching the grand spectacle in front of him prods Chara and says "See I told you I didn't like'em." I then give body guard a Nod to stand a little closer to slick just in case the "Criminal" gives him any problems.


I will not be traveling to the church with the priest and Chara. I will wait at the inn until they return and we can see to the business of training the town militia or what we as a group decide to be our next step. Unless the Priest and Chara would like us along in which case, we would be glad to accompany them.

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The rogue appears startled as he didn't think anyone would interfere in business talk.


"Ah, good man I bow to your cunning move."


"I will not bother you anymore." he says with a bow before turning around & exiting out the front door.


You could tell the man knew you were bluffing but he did not want to attract anymore unwanted attention this early in the morning.

To all that go to the church


The walk to the church doesn't take long. The town is bustling with people going about their daily routine. You walk the same route that Slick went when he came into town last night. You wade through the shallow fjord in the river. Slick, if your with the group, you notice there is a new guard on duty at the moneychanger, but he is dressed & armed the same as the one the night before.


You all notice the traders building is bustling with business this early. Mostly farmers & other townsfolk going & coming. You make your way up the short hill before reaching the Church of St Cuthbert. This building appears to be newly built as the stone used in it's construction is only a bit weathered. There is a carving on the stone wall outside the building.




Cory, you know this to be the symbol of your god, St Cuthbert,lesser god of wisdom, common sense, truth, forthrightness, & dedication. The party enters the gate & makes it way up to the main door. Upon opening it you enter the building & into the main hall (#1).




This is where the faithful come to hear the sermon given on Godsday eve. The place is floored in well-polished wood, with wooden ceiling and pillars extending all the way to the roof high overhead. The walls are painted in pastoral scenes, and tinted glass mosaic windows of many shades of color allow light into the hall. There are no benches, pews or stools.


As you look around, the party makes it way up to where the room opens to the North (the round room points North) this is a

2. Processional


Worshipers, as well as those to be confirmed, married, and so forth, are allowed to enter this way, led by the cleric or clerics concerned, the latter robed and with url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thurible"]thurible[/url]and ceremonial billet of bronzewood.


The floor here is of lighter wood, and the walls are deep blue, sprinkled with star bursts in silver leaf. The room opens up to the left & right (#4 & #5) but what catches your eye is a circular chamber that has drapes of deep green velvet off to the side, this is the Altar & Sanctuary of the church (#3)


Inside is a life-sized statue of St. Cuthbert, smiling, the great cudgel held high in one hand while the left hand beckons the doubter and the faithful alike. Growing ferns and other plants are

behind this statue, while to either side are tree stumps from which the clerics officiate. An altar is carved from a single piece of bronzewood with billets, star bursts, and the sacred sign of the Crumpled Hat.


The walls are wainscoted with carved panels, and the painted walls show various marvels performed by St. Cuthbert. A band of holy sayings is above the walls and wood; if one of the faithful needs guidance or advice, small sticks are tossed upon the altar, and their confirmation enables the cleric to select which holy saying (or combination) applies.

Examples include:

Square corners can be pounded smooth.

Thick heads are not made of glass.

Salvation is better than smart answers.

Some good folk can understand only one thing.

Enlightenment can penetrate even the helm of iron.

Evil which cannot be removed must be eliminated.

Foolishness can be beaten.

Lawful correction lies in a stout billet.

Capricious behavior brings knots to the heads of those lacking wisdom.

Preach quietly, but have a large cudgel handy.


As you move about a portly man, probably in his 40s or so emerges from one of the rooms off to the side. "Oh, I didn't hear you come in. If you have come to worship, you must come back later when things are set up." he says. He scans the party, upon seeing Cory, he says "Oh, a faithful, pardon me, please have a seat. My name is Calmert, my superior is not here right now so unofficially I am the high priest for this church. What can I do for you?"

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"Ah, good man I bow to your cunning move."


"I will not bother you anymore." he says with a bow before turning around & exiting out the front door.


I watch him, turn to those seat at the table, bow to them.


"Slik Macuul. Unlike that ruffian, I can see you wish to see results, not talk. I hope that little demonstration proves I am a man of adaptability. Should you be willing to entertain my joining you, I'd be happy to lend my wits, my steel and certain other assets to your disposal. If you wish to talk later, I am at your disposal. I do see that your cleric wishes to be off to the temple."


I'll give a slow smile to all and await their decision.

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"What might you be wantin in return." and "Aint Nothin free, there is always a catch."


"Of course, I'd be stupid to put my life on the line unless I expected to be recompensed like you. 'An axe that swings does so only by the gold and ale one gets in return', aye? I would expect no more or no less than what any of you would have agreed upon is fair. You have the look of those looking for opportunity. Well, so am I."

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"You don't really work for no judge, do you?", Chara asks Slik, still not entirely sure what has just happened. "What's it you do then?", she pries further.

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"You don't really work for no judge, do you?", Chara asks Slick, still not entirely sure what has just happened. "What's it you do then?", she pries further.


I just smile at Chara. "I am looking for riches, for gold and enough wealth to retire to some island and have fifty children and a good life. I figure that since I'm not nobility, the best way to do that is through finding some adventure and opportunity. Much like you, I'd wager?"


I lean over and say in a low voice "And we might want to keep that first question quiet... HE might follow us and may not have believed my bluff, or maybe he did. Either way... that one looked a little too smooth, no?"

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