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Temple of Elemental Evil


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Ok, here go my rolls finally.


Torch to the face: d20 = 18. It's about time something rolled my way! Sheesh! :rolleyes:


Sword to the gut: 7 + 1 = 8. Really? Really?!? I roll better with a frickin' torch than my sword? :grr: Sigh. Roll for damage (as if I'll actually hit): d6 = 1. Typical. :down:

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With lighting speed you rush towards the bubear leader & with one swing of your sword you slice into his shoulder for 7 pts of damage!!!!


He is still kicking but he doesn't like that & now focuses on you!




You swing your weapon at the creature & hit it for 8 pts of damage!!!


The wound is nasty & is bleeding profusely. The bugbear doesn't look like he can take much more of this!!




The fighter tries to finish off the creature but he slips in a pool of fresh blood, causing him to miscalculate his attack! MISS!




You try to bash the bugbear but the staff slips from your hand & it flies across the room (depending on what hand you, it goes the opposite)! WHOOOPS!!!




Seeing Isha lose her weapon he returns to fighting & swings his mace at the bugbear, they are attacking! The bugbear avoids the worthless swing with ease!




Seeing the leader get hit with a vicious strike, invigorates your combat spirit! (I'm imposing a penalty to swing both the weapon & torch) You swing the torch at the wounded leader. You smack him across the other shoulder. He howls in pain as the flames burn his flesh! The fire burns him for 2 pts but more importantly, it continues to burn & starts to spread due to his hairy hide!! (he'll continue to take damage next round, unless he stops drops & rolls or someone throws water on him, neither I see happening, of course :blink: )


The attack with the sword continues the tradition of crappy swings...nothing to see here.........




#3 Knowing his time in the world is close to an end. He decides to attack Chara! Why be branded a coward in the face of Hruggek, bugbear god of violence & combat!!!! He swings his club & hits for 2 pts of damage!!


#4 He produces a wide toothy grin at the sight of Isha weaponless but decides to focus on the armored cleric as he seems to be the threat at the moment. He swings his short sword & hit with a viscous strike!! 12 pts!!!(rolled a 20 & then 6 pts (20 is double damage)...OUCH!)


Cory drops to the ground dead!! He is at -3 hps. The way I do death's door is Your Con score above 10 is how many rounds you have till you die. .Cory's Con score is a 12, thus a -2 hps. He also had 10 hps


The bugbear lets out a rousing howl at the sight of the dead cleric!! Which invigorates.......




The sight of the cleric dying at the feet of one his warriors inspires the bugbear to fight the pain in his flaming shoulder! he swings his morning star at Tiron, tryiing to reproduce the same results!


The attack barely misses the half-elf. With that the bugbear shouts out something in goblin.......(prob not nice either ::o: )




Bugbear Initiative: 2 :zombie:






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Tiron grunts at the insults that the Bugbear slings his way as he deftly dodges the wicked head of the mourning star. He is thrown off balance though from avoiding the attack and his own sword thrust suffers as a result.


Attack: 8 Damage: 1

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This time, Shad decides it is time to end this madness!! He will perform a simultaneous strike to the Leader's midsection with both his torch and his sword!



d20 = 10 + 1 = 11 :down: d6 = 3 Not that it frickin' matters!! :grr:



d20 = 6


Ok, I am going to go curl up in a corner and cry now. ::(:

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Chara hears the last painful cry of the cleric and suspects the worst has happened, though she cannot take her eyes off the enemy at hand. She continues the attack with renewed zeal.

Body Guard continues his attack also with the same zeal as usual.


Chara - To hit: 19(+2)=21 Damage: 8(+3)=11


Bodyguard - To hit: 4 Damage: 2

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After a few minutes of back & forth parries & failed attempts to slay one anther, the bugbears finally fall!! The leader going down last, thanks to a viscous slash from Shad!!


All in all, the bugbears had a grand total of


(the room is buzzing with a magical appraising fairy!! ie free appraisals!!)


morning star in actually decent condition (price is what is listed in the weapons listing) (leader)


the sliver bracelet he is wearing is actually a silver necklace (worth approx 450 gp). It is set with five gems of chrysoprase (four small, worth 50 gp each, and one of larger size worth 100 gp)


He also has 20 GP in a ratty belt pouch.


The rest of the crew weapons are a mix of clubs & short swords, the sword being worth half of book price, as they are in poor condition.


Each has 12 GP in similar pouches. No other treasure is found.
To the north where the bugbears emerged from is a diamond shaped room rough 40' x 40'. There is nothing in here except for some food scraps & some empty wineskins.
As you emerge from the diamond shaped room, something magical happens & all of your wounds are healed!!! (yes this a GM gift)
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"Never happen like THAT before?", Chara observes coolly as her numerous wounds heal up on their own as if by magic. "Must be fun being a troll. " She pauses another moment, seemingly deep in thought. "Or maybe not. I seen what happen when trolls do the nasty." That said and out of the way, she decides to post herself as watch-out and let the others worry about the looting and planning.

She takes a position to watch the door through which the party entered the room and waits, her hand on her sword's hilt.

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Tiron bows his head. He didn't know this man well, but fighting evil alongside someone even for a short time tends to build quick bonds. He whispers a few words that he feels are appropriate, "Quel esta, mellon." He respectfully gathers the healing droughts and joins the rest of the party in the other room.

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Shad Oh lives up to his name and hides in the shadows. :upside:




Shad now decides to take a torch and continue exploring this dungeon. Since I am all turned around now, but I assume Shad isn't, Shad will head in the direction or room (whatever the case is) that hasn't been explored yet.

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