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Temple of Elemental Evil

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As the party gathers up items of interest & surveys the damage to all the party members everyone suddenly feels like you have more stamina & will to face the great evils on the world.     L

D6 for initiative right? BAM! Natural 6!

Chara hands over most of the money and other  items she finds to Isha, but keeps a "finder's fee" for herself...one of the silver pieces. She makes a mental note that it belongs to Not-Sam, but does n

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One roll for party initiative is sufficient. Thanks.


The bandits rolled a 6. 


The two closest to you ready their weapons. The two behind them close the distance, pulling swords. They cannot attack you this round, but will be able to next time if you engage either of the first two.

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In her fury over Not-Sam's harsh treatment by the lieutenant, Chara charges fiercely toward him and attacks him with no mercy whatsoever.

To hit:  Nat-20(+2) = 22
Damage 4(+2) = 6

(OOC in other news, the blue d20 just became Chara's new bestie)

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Tiron's spell bolts hit just before Chara's attack. The combined effect leaves the man staggering... but still standing. 


Isha moves up to flank Chara's right, staff in hand. 


Not-Sam twitches slightly. 


The priest....?

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The leader lunges at Chara, but misses wildly (d20=1).  The lieutenant blocks the priest with his shield and tries to attack with his sword, but misses (d20=7).  Bandit #3 sneers at Chara and attacks with a solid hit (d20=17) for 1d8=3 damage.  Bandit#4 tries to close in on the priest but misses (d20=3)

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"Help's coming, Sam!", Chara shouts to her friend, hoping that it won't come too late.  Seeing that the leader is looking wobbly on his feet, she gives her new attacker (#3) her attention.

To hit:  16(+2) = 18
Damage 5(+2) = 7

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