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Temple of Elemental Evil

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The bandit leader drops like a sack of rocks.  Next to him the lieutenant staggers from the blow to his ribs, gasping. He makes a feeble attempt to attack and misses. (D20=4)


The other two bandits continue to engage. The first tries to hit Chara, but misses a 2nd time. (D20=3). The second continues to attack Jaden (d20=19) and hits with his longsword. (D8=5)



New round:


Not-Sam rises to his feet. 


Isha attacks the bandit nearest her and Chara (d20=9) and misses. 

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As the party gathers up items of interest & surveys the damage to all the party members everyone suddenly feels like you have more stamina & will to face the great evils on the world.     L

D6 for initiative right? BAM! Natural 6!

Chara hands over most of the money and other  items she finds to Isha, but keeps a "finder's fee" for herself...one of the silver pieces. She makes a mental note that it belongs to Not-Sam, but does n

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Looking extremely pale, and as if he is about to collapse, Jaden still managed to get in a hard swing on the lieutenant as he struggled to find a way to back himself out of the fray.


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Jaden's attack leaves the lieutenant dead on the ground.  The other two bandits begin to look panicked. 


Isha attacks #3 with her staff:( d20=16) Not-Sam lunges forward, tackling bandit#3. Between the two of them they bring him to the ground. 


Bandit #4 looks extremely panicked and attacks in a frenzy, screaming and waving his sword wildly. He hits Tiron (d20=14, d8=2) and inflicts a minor wound. 

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Chara moves on to help out Not-Sam, who may or may not be in trouble. She never could tell with humans because they always seemed to be generally scrawny ahd helpless looking and yet usually managed to surprise her... kind of like Isha had.

To hit:  12(+2) = 14
Damage 5(+2) = 7

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Chara offers Sam her waterskin..assuming of course there's any water left. "You wasn't gonna die long as I still owe you money.", she says with something kind of like a laugh. "You  hurt?  They got a piece of me...all the good it did them."

If Not-Sam needs a bandaging, Chara will help him out before seeing to her own wounds. If his injuries are more complicated, she'll ask the others if anyone can see to him before she worries about her own injuries.

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"Let me have a look at you lad" Jaden said as he returned his hammer to the ring on his belt wincing slightly but doing his best to not show it, as he moved over to see how Not-Sam was doing. "And any else that needs a looking at for their hurts, I may be able to help some"

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Chara waits until the others have been attended to before she approaches Jaden. "It don't hurt...but..", she begins as she immodestly wriggles a bloodied shoulder out of her torn tunic. "...he messed up my good shirt...the sonovawhore".

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