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Temple of Elemental Evil

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As the party gathers up items of interest & surveys the damage to all the party members everyone suddenly feels like you have more stamina & will to face the great evils on the world.     L

D6 for initiative right? BAM! Natural 6!

Chara hands over most of the money and other  items she finds to Isha, but keeps a "finder's fee" for herself...one of the silver pieces. She makes a mental note that it belongs to Not-Sam, but does n

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Waiting on Styates but I'm sure he is in agreement.


The trip back is pretty uneventful. You make it almost to the tower of Rufus & Burner when you see ahead it a man who appeared to be surrounded by 5 ruffians. He is armored & carries a weapon but 5 on 1??


Enter Darcstaar!

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Tiron reluctantly agrees with the others and remains fairly silent on the way back to Hommlet. His personal vendetta against the horrors of Nulb would have to wait.


When the party sees the events unfolding ahead of them, he tries to find some cover from which to flank the attacking bandits.

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"Biggest one's mine.", Chara states to her friends as she pulls out her sword and starts toward the gang of toughs.

"Not much of a fight.", she announces as she approaches the gang. "I can fix that."  She readies her weapon, but allows the assailants the chance to break and run before she makes any attack.

Init: 5

(Not sure if you need any other roll yet)

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Wigmund, you cut down 1 assailant!


(4 remaining)


With the appearance of the party the bandits attention is broken & Tiron your are able to make your around.....down goes anther one, as you slide you blade into his stomach!


(3 remaining!)


ISHA, CHARA (who technically is holding) & JADEN still need actions.


SHAD & ELMO will hold & prevent any from leaving. Shad has arrow ready to fire.

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Chara tries once more to negotiate now that the odds are better. "Man can't be worth dying for..and you hardly worth killing. So...how you want it to be?"  She prepares to deal damage if she does not like his answer.

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