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Temple of Elemental Evil


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The bandits drop their weapons to the ground & put their arms into the air


"Please don't hurt us, we surrender!!" One cries out.


The bandits are probably teens or maybe early 20s. They are all human males.

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Chara suspects the man she just helped save to be yet another paladin; once again affirming her personal choice to walk the path of a godless rogue.

"Now you fixed his taint, so you get to be the one carry him back.", she informs the man, not bothering with introductions. "I got no plans to haul off any more dead til I've had a good night's sleep."

Taking note of the other four, and the number of her own party, and the fact that she tends to get stuck with the dirty work no matter who she works for, she announces to her new prisoners, "..and don't none of you try me. I don't like hauling dead five-at-a-time neither."

"Maybe we turn them in to the watch?" She asks Isha, not wanting to find herself burdened with the additional responsibility of being the one who has to come up with plans. Chara prefers to remain a simple thug.

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Wigmund cleans and sheathes his sword.

"Your surrender shows your souls may yet be redeemed to one day tread the path of Law."


He turns to the group which intervened on his behalf, bows deeply, and in a sweet, melodic voice...


"I humbly thank you for your aid,

Your assistance was most timely.

I'm Wigmund, yes a Paladin, whom Heironeous bade

to spread Law and thwart Chaos wherever it may lie."


"Hommlet's priest of St. Cuthbert I have met

and he sent me here to help you.

I offer my sword, my grace, my voice and I bet

you won't be sorry if you let me join you."


With that, Wigmund bows again, says a prayer over the fallen brigands, and sets to work tying up the surviving brigands.

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"Greetings, warrior of god," Isha bows slightly. 


To Chara she says "In my home trouble makers are beaten with a cane in the market, for all to see. This is not the custom in your land, but yes, the watch may be convinced to have punishment for them."

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Elmo being the representative of Hommlet says


"I'm not sure these are the bandits that have plaguing the roadways lately, hopefully those were killed in that moathouse. Still thou a few good nights in jail might persuade this young folks to change their ways."


With that he produces some rope & proceeds to bind the bandits hand together into a chain-gang. He also has them carry the corpses of their fellow bandits.


The bandits had shortswords & daggers, nothing really usable.




Prior to this meeting, yes you came into Hommlet off a caravan supplying the town's general store. After getting paid for your work, you were glad to be rid of people running the line, there was something about them you couldn't place, just a bad feeling. Making your way to the church you find that the building was dedicated to St. Cuthbert. The cleric inside while a bit scatterbrained was nice & polite explained that the high priest was off in a neighboring town on some mission for the church. He mentioned that a few days ago some adventurers had arrived in that town & were heading toward the ruins of the old Moathouse, as there have been problems with bandits on the roadways & such. He thought you might like to join them. They were good people, well besides the dwarf but he is now in the town's jail.


After the church you head to the only inn in town, the Inn of the Welcome Wench & after quenching your thirst & filling your belly you decide to get a room as the ruins aren't very far from the town (about 30 miles out). You get a room for a 3 nights. Afterwards you head out to the ruins, were you find the trouble about 10 miles....................

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One of the bandits speaks out.


"Mason there is from Nulb, rest of us are from Hommlet."


The man that singled out as Mason speaks up.


"I only joined to get away, make my own livin'."


Elmo gives the boys a look over again & says


"Now that I've had a look at all of you, I do recognize most of you. Gerald, Tim,  Spence. How's your mum?"


Spence can only look away, not wanting to return the words to Elmo.

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"Hardened criminals these are not" Jaden said with a shake of his head, "And I would dare say they are finding that they've not the stomache for the way of blood and blade. It is a shame Hommlet has not a larger church, and that it's priest is away. My mentor would at times have to deal with the just punishment of such as these and a year or two of honest labor for their daily bread turned more than a few around."

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Mason speaks up


"Nulb is the dumps, while it may be bigger then Hommlet, Hommlet enjoys a better quality life. Things are just bad in that town."


Elmo says


"Aye, it was a town under the influence of the Temple many years ago. It appears it never recovered......"


"Recovered? Hell no!! Why do you think I wanted out of there!!" Mason interupts

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"Nulb is the vile cesspool where my mother was held prisoner and gave birth to me," the half-elf says vehemently. "Other unspeakable things happened to me there and it is only through the sheerest of happenstance that I managed to escape that place of evil with my life. I have vowed to do whatever I can to rid the world of the filth and stench of that place."

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