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Temple of Elemental Evil


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As noted, nothing happens in the hours that the party is at the inn. The night is uneventful. In the morning, Elmo leaves for Verbobonc. Is the party gonna continue & go back to the moathouse? Also anyone that needs a room, the inn has a couple rooms left for for either 5 ep per night or a common sleeping room for 1 sp per night. 


Also everyone subtract whatever you guys decided to buy for the evening:


Breakfast, plain 5 cp
Breakfast, elaborate 2 s
Dinner, plain 5 sp
Dinner, elaborate 1 ep
Dinner, 7 course 2 gp
Supper, plain 3 sp
Supper, elaborate 7 sp


Common Drink(per pint)
Ale 2 sp
Ale, special 1 ep
Beer, small 5 cp
Beer, heavy 1 sp
Mead 1 ep
Mead, special brew 15 sp


Wines(per pint)
Table, local 1 ep
Keoish golden 15 sp
Sundish lilac 5 ep
Urnst white 1 gp
Celene ruby 2 gp
Furyondian emerald pale 4 gp
Velunan fireamber 1 pp


Brandies(per gill)
Local 1 ep
Keoish 1 gp
Urnst(special aged) 3 gp
Ulek Elixir, 1/2 gill 5 gp

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"Uh-huh...moathouse.", Chara agrees as she counts through her funds, or what remains of them. Between supper, breakfast and several drinks, she had opted to just give the inn's owner her last two gold pieces, hoping they would cover all that plus her share of her shared room with Isha.  She figures it should be enough, and if it isn't, then she still remembers how to carry water and push a broom.

"Hope we get paid soon."

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"If you do not object" The cleric said, after paying for his own bed and food "I feel it is my responsibility to your fallen companion and also my duty to accompany you on this leg of your task. I am not certain if you have a commission, but I require no payment, the church and St. Cuthbert see to my needs though I would not be adverse to sharing in any other gains made"

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The tailor graciously declines the offer. While it was exciting & he made some cash out of it the events with the bandits have a lasting effect on him. He'd rather just be in the comforts of his home right now.


He wishes you good luck.


Chara you return to the inn & the rest of the party. Afterwards everyone gets their horses (those without, you should have one if I failed to tell you that) & rides to the moathouse. The journey is uneventful (note: the actual mileage is 30 miles, not 3 as I said at the beginning of this game). You return to the courtyard. The bodies are still there, the makeshift camp that you set up is still there. It's like nothing has changed.


Someone make a Wisdom check.

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The bodies are in the same place, where they were, when you left. There are no bite marks on them.




As the party looks around you barely make out a "ninja-like" head barely poking out the main doors to the moat house. As it catches your glance it darts suddenly back inside!

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