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Temple of Elemental Evil


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Wigmund says "Perhaps we send any of our group with ranged attacks to either side of the door, while I sing a stirring tune to pique their interest. I'll be taking cover behind my shield. When they come out to investigate, and show their evil intentions, our ranged attackers can unleash, while our melee users charge to meet them in glorious hand-to-hand combat.

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Wigmund will sing a tune...


"Into the moat house, our quarry fled.

We caught but a glimpse of his shadowed head.

Come out! Come out! And show yourselves.

Be you orcs, or goblins, or even elves.

Surrender to us, and mercy you'll receive.

Trouble us and we'll hunt you without reprieve.

To rid the moat house of evil is our quest.

We must succeed for Hommlett so they may finally rest."

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(you know they make the bard class for S&W..... ^_^ )


The party starts to move up the stairs, & cautiously moves into the building. There are bodies of the bandits that were slain near the door to the black room still on the floor, peering down the south passage, you can barely make out the corpse of the giant snake & of course to the west are the rooms that were opened but never cleared (the giant tick in the kitchen & the giant lizard in the large western room), along with the doors that were opened.


As you stand to allow your eyes to adjust to the dimness of the interior (there are enough holes in this place, it's like being in the shade of a large tree), part of the ceiling falls in. It's like you never left.  

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