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Temple of Elemental Evil


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If you guys want you can easily dispose of the creatures. With your numbers & levels, it shouldn't be too hard. Searching the rooms thou, that would require some rolls. Let me know what you guys want to do & what rooms to search.

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The first door is the giant tick in the ruined kitchen.


With a few well place blows, the creature dies quickly.


A quick search of the rubble reveals no treasure.


The room with the giant lizard is a hazard in itself. As you fight the lizard, parts of the roof fall in due to the movement in the room. (Someone roll a percentile dice.....)


Once the lizard is disposed of, someone make a Wisdom check to notice something about it.


There is a chest in this room, which appears to a human barracks. Also how many rounds does the party stay in the room after the fight with the lizard? The room is pretty ruined & could collapse at any time.


Also if the party keeps someone back (Bodyguard will do if you'd like) to watch out for the hooded person, there is no appearance of that person.


(I spaced off anther area that the party didn't check, a ruined staircase that went upwards. It's is by the black room. The party can check that after the tick & lizard battles if you'd like)

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