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Temple of Elemental Evil

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As the dragger of the chest, Tiron feels some responsibility for it's contents. "Then it is yours, friend Jaden," the half-elf says. "Hopefully it will serve you well." He gets up off of the floor and joins Isha in investigating the stairs.

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Scalemail in S&W is AC 5 (I've added it into the game, so it won't be in the actual S&W rules).


The party investigates the staircase.


Actually this appears to be a small storeroom full of shelves tucked beside a ruined staircase. The shelves are stocked with ruined goods but there appears to be a metal jug. You can't investigate any further due to a swarm of giant rats appear from out of the shelves & under the staircase! Their chattering is disturbing.




Then ROLL for Initiative!

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It's D6 in S&W.


The way we are doing combat on here. The first person to roll when I call for a initiative roll is what the party will go by & we roll every round.


Party is not surprised

Giant Rats (there is a total of 13 of them YIKES!) get a 2



Party goes first.

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While the others examine the armor, Isha walks over to look at the staircase. It's the smell she notices first, and the rats that dart out at her do not surprise her. She steps back from the first ones and brings her staff around swiftly.




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Rat #1 is still kicking but is hurting


Jaden, the confined space of the storage area causes you to turn  your ankle the wrong way! Till you can rest (8 hours) you are at a -1 to hit & reduce your movement by 5'


Round 1 continues; Party's attack!

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