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Temple of Elemental Evil


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With the room almost filled with people, Chara waits just outside and will attempt to behead any rodent that escapes through the rest of the party.

"Get me a lit torch..and quick!", she tells Body Guard.

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BG drops his pack & rummages for a torch. It takes the round to get it lit up for you. I'll say with your actions if anything does get by the front line attackers, you'll get a free shot at one.


Nasty rats turn!


(13 rats, 1 is dead so 12)


2 rats attack each player attacking


Rat 2 attacks Wigmund. It hits for 3 pts!


Rat 3 attacks Wigmund. It misses.


Rat 4 attacks Isha. It hits for 1 pt!


Rat 5 attacks Isha. It too hits for 3 pts!


Rat 6 attacks Jaden. It completely misses....


Rat 7 attacks Jaden. It too misses.


Rat 8 attacks Tiron. It strikes for 2 pts!


Rat 9 attacks Tiron. It misses.


Rat 10 & 11 move out of the room to attack, Chara & Bodyguard. One each


(Chara you may make your attack on yours)


Rat 10 attacks Chara, it completely misses, almost falling on it's face


Rat 11 attacks Bodyguard & just bites into his chainmail.


Rat 12, randomly attacks...........Jaden! It misses!


(dang no disease on anyone.....  :devil: )

ROUND 1 is over, ROUND 2 begin


Rats: 5

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Party goes first!!




You thoroughly destroy the rat #2 in front of you! (2 dead, 11 left)




The closeness of the room causes your swing to go out of place. Make a attack roll on Jaden @ a -3 as he wasn't at the full extent of your swing.... :blink:




Your swing, brains rat #6! Smashing it skull into a pulpy mess. Killing it instantly!! (3 dead, 10 left)




The rat avoids your attack & your staff smacks the hard rock floor.


Chara & Bodyguard actions remaining.

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Chara keeps the lit torch in her left hand held out low and in front of her to hopefully dazzle or panic the rats. With her right hand she attempts to use her sword like a spear to fend off attacking rats.



(I honestly can't even remember what BG's weapon is..but assume he would attack with it)

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Tiron, you do strike Jaden! Doing 5 pts to the cleric unfortunately!


ROUND 2 continued




You sword skewers the rat, killing it instantly!


Bodyguard (he is your standard, generic fighter: longsword, chainmail, pot helm, metal shield)


He takes a swing with sword, he hits! Doing 2 pts, which is enough to kill the rat!


END ROUND 2 (4 dead, 9 left)


Start Round 3:




Correction rats attack. ...tomorrow!

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Sorry guys & gals, RCon prep again...(hey basecoats!!!)


Ok Rats attack!


Rat 3 attacks Wigmund. Hits for 1 pt of damage

Rat 4 attacks Isha. Misses!

Rat 5 attacks Isha. Misses badly!

Rat 7 attacks Jaden. Misses even worse then Rat 5!

Rat 8 attacks Tiron. Misses!

Rat 9 attacks Tiron. Misses!

Rat 12, randomly attacks Jaden....again! Hits for 2 pts!


No one hit is diseased!

Now we go to Round #3


Rats: 5

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