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Temple of Elemental Evil


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Party initiative 6 (twice in a row!)

D20 = 19+1=20.

Dmg 5+1=6


Wigmund sends a prayer of thanks to Heironeous for protecting him from the filthy fever of the rats. He lunges out to hack at another rat with his enchanted longsword.


"Analect 27 says the pious are impervious!"

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Chara makes a second attack, all the while trying to determine if the presence of fire is even affecting the rats' willingness to attack her. 

Attack: 12
Damage: 4

Body Guard attacks as well.

Attack: 5
Damage:  (as if)...4

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& away we go!!!


Round #3 Party goes first




Your attack kills Rat #4




You smite the rat into oblivion! Rat #3 is dead!




Your attack misses completely!




Your attack slays Rat #8!




You are able to attack a rat that tried to strike Jaden last round. Your blow kills the rat.




(there is no room for him to attack, unless he has a spear or some other reach weapon).


After the party attacks there are 3 rats left. They are attack the following members


Rat #5 attacks Isha. It hits for 2 pts of damage, no disease thou.

Rat #7 attacks Jaden. It snaps at air!

Rat #9 attacks Tiron. It too snaps at the air!


End Round #3, Start Round #4

3 rats left.


Rats: 3



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