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"boneyard pieces"

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I just got Rogan, 1/2 Orc Thief today since he is one of the few 1/2 orcs and he looks cool to boot. The only issue I have with him though is he comes with two "boneyard pieces", as Reaper puts it, that are both daggers. I would like to replace the daggers with something that is closer to a sword such as a Scimitar that my character uses.



Getting right down to Business what I would like to know is, are there any way to buy extra weapons for the reaper mini's that have the hands holding the weapons to replace the ones that the minis come with or would I have to craft the new appendages my self and if I do what would I have to make them out of.

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Weapon packs with sculpted hands would sell well, but I know that the problem comes when the hand is slightly larger or smaller than the exact size for each model.


No matter what Reaper does with this, there will be complaints and cries of jubilation.


I'm in the latter camp.

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"When The Quartermaster Just Doesn't Understand You" is an excellent tutorial. Froggy has also written some other tutorials on conversions. You can find everything here: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft


Weapon swaps are rather easy. I did a weapon swap on Hyrekia so that she's holding a sword instead of the staff. IMO, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.



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