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What Deadlands minis would you like to see?

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I'm a fan of western skirmish games, yup. And I've played more'n a few games of Deadlands in my time. There are several lines of fine western-style miniatures out there. Reaper makes several in the Chronoscope line. But what would I like to see in the Deadlands and/or Chronoscope lines to complement what's already there and what's being released?


Female hucksters. There are saloon girls and there are cowgirls, but it seems to me that in the Weird West, there might well be female hucksters, particularly when female players get interested.


For that matter, female mad scientists.


ANY miniature with the legendary Gatling Pistol. Hell, I'd pay for a sprue of "hands holding Gatling Pistols and/or bizarre steampunk Tesla Guns, death rays, and so forth." I've done two Deadlands campaigns since the game first came out, and both times, SOMEONE had to go and try to lead with a Gatling Pistol. This is one of the iconic Deadlands things, whether the licenseholder knows it or not.


Mexican-style figures. Anyone who's ever tried to recreate any of a number of scenes from Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns in 28mm skirmish will tell you there aren't enough Mexican style figures out there. Hell, I'd settle for a sprue of sombreros and Zorro hats in various styles! Mexican soldiers would go over well, too.


Grizzled mountain men.


Buffalo hunter, with humungous Sharps buffalo rifle.


Mounted undead cowboy, particularly on skeletal horse!


Anyone else got any ideas? I have no idea if Reaper is doing concept ideas, or simply executing what the Deadlands licenseholder sends 'em, but I figured no one would complain if I spouted off on the forums, if I did it polite like...ik_blush.gif

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The Deadlands campaign we briefly played had a female huckster with a penchant for using dynamite, a mountain man with a Sharps, a female gunslinger, and old Chinese mad scientist with a dragonfly styled flying machine (the wings flapped), and a male gunslinger. There were several other NPC types, including an African American soldier, a male huckster/mage, and a Harrowed Abe Lincoln.


"Weird West" aptly describes it, but it was sure fun.



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