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Okay, so this wonderful fellow reaper member was able to send me this awesome little hedgehog. I just adore him. I started out with a white base, then some black. I wanted the black to show through, but it just looked....like the basecoat was showing and it looked really unfinished. I scrapped that idea and went into deeper reds. Opinions? suggestions?





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I like what you've done so far. The basecoat showing through adds some depth thou, maybe just start adding some highlights to the tips & it'll counteract the basecoat?? Love the eyes so far.

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Alrighty.....I've added several more highlights and gone straight up to yellow. I was amazed to watch him progress. I wanted red, but he's turned into a firey orange and i love the look. I think I'm done with the quills and I'm looking to the armour now. I am thinking blue flame for the sword with a gold hilt and silver scroll work.



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okay, after some time off courtesy of ridiculous working hours, I've finally managed to finish my little hedgehog. His sword was my 2nd attempt at non-metalic metals. I like how he's turned out. I still can't manage to get my camera to capture him perfectly, but I'm still working on it.


Hope you like him. :rolleyes:






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