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Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast


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Here's my other entry for Privateer Press' Lock n' Load Gamefest.


I went with a high contrast, highly complimentary colour scheme, which is very non-Cryxian. I opted to showcase my ability to paint hair, and faces on this model, and to try out something I have never tried before this miniature; Non-Metallic Metals.


NMM - I like it. I think my competition pieces, and own work are now going to feature this method of painting metals. It's much easier to use than metallic paints, and looks much better, plus, all us gaming nerds slobber and drool over nice-looking NMM.

The anchor was scratch built, and the chain I found in a cheap jewelry store.













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early congrats on your gold medal... :bday:


I can't believe this is your first attempt at NMM, it is VERY well done and the contrast between the deepest shadows and the highest highlights really makes the model pop. Sucks I won't be there to see this one in person.

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I have been debating this piece since yesterday. I would like to preface the critique with I can only see what the photographs show me. This piece has a lot of pop and really draws the eye in. There is a lot going on and I think she may suffer from to much color. Most of the clothing needs better blending between light and dark and the highlights really need to come up a notch or two, the deep shadows look good. The skulls and her horns are all looking a bit rough yet and I think the highlights there need to come way up as well, they just don't pop out at you. Her skintones are very nice and the eyes are terrific, I don't like the hair though, its still looking a bit unfinished and I (personal opinion note here) would have gone with one color hair so that it doesn't distract from everything else. The NMM is okay, not all of it is reading as metal, the gun is a good case in point. I'm not sure all that metal is reflecting correctly for it to be coming from a single light source, its looking a bit confusing in a couple of places. I also feel that you would have been better off with a more standard silver/gunmetal NMM rather than working the teal into it.


The basing is awesome. I love the work you did on the anchor and the colors you pulled into the broken bowsprit really compliment the mini. So some seriously good work there.

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I'm going to have to disagree with Heisler about the colors used for the NMM. I really like the brighter blue/teal you've got going there. The rest of his critique was, in my opinion, very constructive and insightful.


Overall, a beautiful piece. I always look forward to your postings, Ghool.

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I'm not a fan of NMM having had to do so much of it on commision pieces. I think Demi-metallics can provide a equally striking result.

That being said I think that for a first foray into NMM it's an incredible effort. And like you said it's definately Non-Cryxian...:)



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Skarre won me a Silver Medal in the Single Small category, and the main point of contention was the blade.

But, since it was my first foray into NMM, I'd say I made out pretty well.

I'll post some more pictures of her, as I changed a few things before entering her.


Over the weekend, I walked away with a Gold, and two Silver Medals for the painting competition, and I made off with a Best Painted Army Medal for my Cygnar as well.

It was a great time, but exhausting! I hardly slept over the three days!

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