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Better To Kill You With


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This is my play on the Little Red Riding Hood theme. I love the details in the Werewolf. I painted his eyes blood shot and cat like slits. It really worked for the mini. As far as Little Red, I painted eye shadow on her. This was a pain in the butt. Over all, I really like how they came out.



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Nicely done!


One thing I might say/add


I think a few trees in the background would have added a bit. I think it would have set the setting a bit better (ie like the original story). Again, just my opinion as I think the piece is great as it is.


Love the coloring on the wolfen.

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Great work. I would like to see some more close up shots of the fronts of the minis.

A tree or two would have done wonders for this ... and minus that REEEAAALLLY long vine plant thing, as my brain does not compute what that slender piece of vegetation is.


Its a wonderful piece and I would like to see more of it!


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