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Dark Sword Dual-wielding Female Fighter


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This is my 2nd entry for the Dark Sword competition on WAMP. She was sculpted by Jeff Grace :) She took a total of 24+ hours to paint, literally... I was ready to bang my head off the wall because I'm just too nitpicky.


Anywho, this is my 3rd time messing with NMM. I decided to do something crazy and paint her with it. I like how it came out, though near the end my brush was beginning to get unhappy with me so the blending got a bit chalky.


It's also my first time sculpting something larger than the usual grassy gnoll bases. She is standing on a broken down dock in the midst of an angry river. I apologize for her feet being a bit bulky, the hubby cut her off her base after my wrist surgery, so I only had one hand and couldn't do it. He was worried about accidentally taking the foot off, so he left a little bit of the base attached to it. I tried to incorporate it as wood from the dock.


The theme is based off of Tarma from M.Lackey's Vows and Honor Trilogy. The Shin'a'in sword sworn wore black for their blood feuds, so that is why she is clad in black.


Thanks for looking at her! Enjoy! Comments and Crits welcome and appreciated <3



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Nice job. I notice the whole thing looks a bit gritty. That might be a primer problem.


Not sure. In person she's rather smooth, however my camera has been acting weird today... those are the nicest pics I could get of her. All of them either had this weird haze about her face, or were extremely gritty -_-; so not sure. Although there are a few places (sword, for instance) that are gritty in person. The skin on her face is a little bit as well. I'm nearing the end of my primer can, so that might be it :)

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Wow, Angie, I think this is one of your best-painted minis yet. The sword NMM could use some better blending, but the highlight placement is spot-on, and it really looks like a shiny metal sword. The colors you've chosen work together nicely, and the base work is really cool. Nice work!



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