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I have finally made the jump over to big armies. Tomb Kings to be specific. I have the majority of my army primered (6 cans down .. probably 2 more to go) and I began base coating ... got about 2 mini's in and im already fed up. LOL. Plan on using HD Tusk Ivory for all my bones.


I am getting an Airbrush setup. I will be using it mainly for basecoating .. and would like it to replace my priming as well. Advanced stuff much much later.


I have done a little bit of reading and this is what I have come up with.


Spend the money on the good stuff as its an investment.

Dual Action now rather than later.

Internal mix sounds like the way to go.

Compressor .. everyone seems to like Paasche.


Question I had for people was Gravity feed or Bottom feed? I would assume gravity feed is the way to go ... but would like to know what everyone elses thoughts are on this.


Any other suggestions or pointers are always appreciated for someone finally making the investment.

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I have used both gravity feed and bottom feed airbrushes. I must prefer the gravity feed myself. The cups tend to be smaller but they are easily refilled as you go. You seem to be on track with everything else although I think that the Iwata compressor is better than the Paasche but that's just personal opinion. You definitely want a compressor with a resevoir tank though to eliminate the pulse effect.

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I greatly prefer the top feed/gravity feed brushes myself, having used both for many years.


The one benefit to the bottom cup systems are that you can save your mixes in individual bottles for later use or keep many cheap bottom feed brushes at hand one for each color which is very useful in certain situations.


Other than that though top feed systems are my recommendation for everything else. Easier to load, quicker to change colors, and less "parts" to worry about and clean being the top considerations as to why it wins out in my preference.

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I'd agree with everything said regarding top vs bottom fed brushes... I've got a bottom feed, and while it's great to have if you're priming or basecoating half a dozen or more minis in one go, it's generally a big mess and a pain for small jobs, not to mention the potential mess if you don't quite seat the bottle into the brush properly and it falls out in the middle of a motion.

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