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The Free Shipping offer has been unavailable due to the Canada Post strike,

however, the strike is now over, but the Free Shipping is still unavailable.

I'm just wondering when will it be back.



We never turned off the free shipping option. What Canada Post does or does not do has no impact on our policy of not charging you for the shipping on orders over $25.

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That's very strange then!

This is posted on Reaper.com


"To Our Canadian Customers:

Posted on 06-21-11

We're terribly sorry, but it appears that your postal strike is having consequences for us down here in the states. Our USPS isn't shipping to Canada right now, so until this gets sorted out, we can't offer a free shipping option to our Canadian customers.


We're hoping for a speedy resolution for everybody this issue affects."


I tried 3 times to buy and the only option I received was UPS $97.00

The Free Shipping Option reappeared yesterday, and is appreciated very much, thanks!

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We have restocked these models:


20003: Skeleton Spearman 3 pack

20006: Skeleton Spearman single

20008: Orc Archer 3 pack

20009: Orc Spearman 3 Pack

20011: Orc Archer single

20012: Orc Spearman single

20025: Werewolf

20027: Giant Spider


Are you going to post pictures?

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