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Dark Sword Thief of Hearts - Fallen Angel


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It has been a long time - about 11 months - since I finished painting a mini. That's by far the longest drought for me since rediscovering the hobby in late '05 / early '06. Life happens, you know?


Anyway, this is the second of two finished last night and entered into WAMP's Dark Sword event. As I was painting her, a little backstory came to mind...when this angel fell from grace, her wings turned black, cloth became tattered & worn, and her armor corroded. She now wears feathers as trophies taken from the angelic sisters she has defeated in battle. Only her sword and her icy glare remain razor sharp.


Okay, so silly backstory and explanation of color choices aside, may I ask for your thoughts and constructive criticism, please? I'm due for a holiday weekend painting binge in a few days and could use the advice. ::):



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Thanks, I appreciate that. I considered giving the wings a pattern, but to keep them solid, in the background, as if they turned from white to black...just seemed to stay with the theme I had in mind. I do have other winged models, though; the inspiration for one was a kildeer. Looking ahead, I will definitely add some detail & pattern, even if it's just a subtle one.

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