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Warlord After-Action Report

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Cool review man! I think you guys will find that as you play more you'll get used to the special abilities pretty quickly. People tend to play the same models often, so pretty quickly you'll realize that all of your templars have deflect and you'll just subconsciously add in the deflect value when you're being shot at by arrows. Some of the other SA's don't come up quite as often as Deflect does (seems like you guys were using a good number of archers, that's a good thing!), but you'll get your head around then sooner rather than later.

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just a quick word on DV. Deflect is not the only SA which can affext DV. Dodge can affect your Dv against melee attacks in the same fashion. Also, Parry can give you a scalable DV bonus in melee. Actually, it's some of the attack-triggered DV's that gave me fits in my first games. Mariltih with a Gruesome Weapon... That's Vicious and Demoralize on top of Shock. We had to look those up- twice! Glad you all enjoyed the first games, just give it a couple more, the SAs will make more sense. Also glad to see you were enjoying the RAGE mechanic. The d10 makes a difference while keeping things flowing.

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