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Dark Sword's Sansa Stark

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This was to be my 3rd entry into the contest, but I didn't finish her in time because we had to put together my infant daughter's new room :)


Anyway, this is Sansa Stark (from Game of Thrones line of minis) from Dark Sword. She was sculpted by Tom Meier and I must say that she was quite enjoyable to paint.


The base was an idea from Captain Sprout that was posted on my blog a little while ago. The steps were sculpted by me (I'm not a great sculptor... but it's a beginning, I guess).


Sansa is painted as Kethry, the 3rd character in my trio from Mercedes Lackey's Vows and Honor Trilogy. Kethry is an adept mage of the White Winds and whenever you see the coverart, the colors she wears are rather quiet. Here's one version of Kethry in cover art form:




I'm not sure she had the White Winds insignia on her cloak, however, I found a wind symbol that I thought would look neat on the back. It's my first time doing "freehand" work on the back; the image is supposed to look like this:




Anyway, her she is! All finished :) Enjoy! Comments and Crits welcome and appreciated :)



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I really like the color choices and painting is really smooth. It's just my opinion, but the hair could have used some shading and parts of the clothing could use a little more highlighting. The free hand is good for your first attempt at it. Believe me, it gets better with each attempt. Keep up the good work.

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